How to Get a Police Report After a Car Accident in Farmington, AR

When preparing your car accident lawsuit in Farmington, our lawyers will want to have everything that could possibly help it, including the police report for the collision.

You could get the report for your car crash in person from the Farmington Police Department or online from the Arkansas State Police. Whichever method you choose, you’ll need to give information about yourself and the accident to locate the report. We can use the report to learn more details about the accident, like if anyone witnessed it and, if so, what their contact information is. In addition to calling 911, victims might have to complete additional reporting requirements for certain accidents. If you did not report the accident to the police, you can still pursue recovery against a negligent driver in Farmington.

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Getting Police Reports After Car Crashes in Farmington, AR

The Farmington Police Department is relatively small, reflecting the city’s small population of under 10,000 residents. This could somewhat impact how you get your police report and when it is ready for retrieval in Farmington, as it could take officers longer to process your report.

In Person

One way to retrieve an accident report is by going to the Farmington Police Department in person. When you arrive, tell officers or staff your name, driver’s license number, and the accident report number if you know it. It could take several business days for officers to finalize and file the report, so keep that in mind. If it’s been a few weeks since the crash and the report is still not ready, our attorneys can contact the Farmington Police Department to figure out the reason for the delay.


Victims can also go online to obtain crash reports for accidents in Farmington. All police agencies throughout Arkansas send completed accident reports to the Arkansas State Police within about ten business days or so of an accident. Once a report is uploaded to the crash report portal, victims can go online to download it. You may have to provide your first and last name, date of birth, driver’s license number, and the date of the event. If you know the crash report number, that is all the information you must input for online retrieval. Accident reports from the Arkansas State Police’s state incident report portal cost $10 to download.

Using Police Reports After Car Crashes in Farmington, AR

After we get the report for your car crash in Farmington, we can put it to use. Although it won’t be admissible evidence in the lawsuit, there are many ways in which we can utilize the collision report.

The first thing we’ll do after retrieving the accident report is scan it for accuracy. If it’s not accurate, it won’t be useful to us. Even worse, an inaccurate police report could benefit a defendant even though it can’t be used as evidence in a lawsuit. For example, a defendant might try to use an inaccurate police report as leverage in settlement negotiations, convincing a plaintiff to accept an unfair settlement that doesn’t fully compensate them.

If there are noticeable inaccuracies, we can inform the Farmington Police Department, and officers may amend the report.

Next, we can review the document to see if there is new information or details that could aid your recovery. For example, accident reports typically have witnesses’ names and phone numbers. With this information, we can contact and interview eyewitnesses whose testimony could help prove the defendant’s liability for your damages.

Police officers might include additional materials, such as pictures or videos, in their reports. We will need to get these materials as well. Photos and physical evidence from the crash site can help our Farmington, AR car accident attorneys and an accident reconstruction expert determine the collision’s true cause.

What if You Can’t Get an Accident Report from the Police in Farmington, AR?

Whether you can get a police report might hinge on if you call 911 after a crash in Farmington. Reporting car accidents is often mandatory and could make all the difference in your recovery.

Ark. Code. § 27-53-202(a) requires anyone involved in an accident that leads to death, injury, or apparent property damage over $3,000 to notify the nearest local law enforcement agency. On top of this, victims must file a completed Arkansas Motor Vehicle Accident Report (Form SR-1) within 30 days of the collision. Do not rely on anyone else to alert law enforcement of the accident. If you’re too hurt to call yourself, ask an eyewitness to do so.

If you do not call 911 to report the accident and notice injuries or property damage after the fact, our lawyers can note that when we help you complete Form SR-1. You should still complete this form, even if you did not call the police.

If you can’t obtain the police report because it doesn’t exist, that doesn’t mean your case is in jeopardy. After all, accident reports are not admissible evidence in lawsuits. Our lawyers can prepare a strong case, with or without an accident report. For example, we may be able to get surveillance footage from nearby security camera systems, showing the other driver acting negligently. And, even without the accident report, we may have photos from the accident site if you took pictures of the scene yourself. Furthermore, we will have your medical records confirming your injuries, which will be crucial evidence to support your case.

That said, it is still important to alert law enforcement of reportable accidents. Even if an accident seems minor or you feel physically fine afterward, call 911.

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