Should You Accept the First Insurance Offer After a Car Accident in Arkansas?

After a car accident in Arkansas, a victim of a crash may be eager to accept the first insurance offer to receive their compensation and move on with their life. However, a victim of a severe crash should think twice before accepting the first insurance offer because it may not be adequate in comparison to the value of their case. If you need the assistance of an attorney to negotiate with an insurance company after a car accident in Arkansas, you should consult with our experienced Fayetteville car accident lawyer as soon as possible. A victim of a car crash does not have to settle for a payment that is not equivalent to their injuries and other losses. Car accident lawyer Ken Kieklak is here to discuss whether a victim of a car accident should accept the first insurance offer.

How to Handle a First Insurance Offer After a Car Accident in Arkansas

When a person is involved in a car accident in Arkansas, it is reasonable to be concerned about who will offer compensation for injuries, vehicle damage, and other related expenses. Arkansas is considered an at-fault state for car insurance. This means that a victim injured in a car wreck can directly pursue a claim against the negligent driver’s insurance immediately after the crash.

When filing a claim against the negligent driver and their insurance company, you will have to negotiate the amount of the offer. Note, however, that it is rare for an insurance company to initially offer compensation that is in line with the value of the case. Instead, the insurance claim adjuster for the opposing company will look for ways to avoid liability for the accident.

One way that a claim adjuster may try to avoid payment is by trying to prove that the victim played a role in the accident. For example, the claim adjuster may question whether the victim has poor vision or whether they may have ignored a traffic light. As a result, a victim of a crash should ensure they have a detailed account of how the accident occurred.

When negotiating with an insurance claim adjuster, it is important for a victim to understand that the opposing insurance company is not on your side. If you are concerned about speaking with an insurance claim adjuster, you should retain a car accident and personal injury lawyer in Arkansas that can help guide you through negotiations.

Ken Kieklak has worked on a variety of car accident cases and understands what factors should be considered when negotiating compensation with an insurance company. To learn more about the factors that can affect an insurance claim, you should continue reading and speak with an experienced Fayetteville personal injury attorney as soon as possible.

Factors that Affect Insurance Offers After a Car Accident in Arkansas

There are various factors that can affect an insurance offer after a car crash. A victim of a car crash should consider the following factors when trying to seek compensation from an insurance company.

The Severity of Victim’s Injuries

The severity of a car accident victim’s injuries is one of the most important factors to consider when negotiating an insurance offer. For example, if a victim sustained a serious injury that requires surgery and extensive rehabilitation, this would affect the amount of compensation owed to the victim.

It is also important to consider future healthcare that a victim may need due to the car accident. Agreeing to an offer without considering future medical bills will result in a victim receiving a grossly inadequate amount for compensation.

Damage to the Victim’s Vehicle

The damage to the victim’s vehicle should also be considered when determining appropriate compensation. If the victim’s vehicle were wrecked, this would clearly affect the damages owed by the negligent driver and their insurance company. Alternatively, minor damage to a vehicle will also affect the value of the victim’s claim.

Loss of Wages

If a victim was injured enough that they would have to miss a significant amount of time away from work, this should also be considered when negotiating an offer.

Other factors can also play a role when deciding an appropriate settlement offer. For example, if the victim was partially responsible for the crash, the insurance adjuster may attempt to decrease an offer for compensation. Our firm can help you fight for the compensation you need for your injuries and other losses.

If an insurance company does not offer you adequate compensation for your injuries, you should consider filing a car accident lawsuit. A car accident lawsuit will allow you to request the damages you deserve for injuries and other losses sustained due to the accident. We can help you get started on your car accident case.

Consult with Our Experienced Arkansas Car Accident Lawyer to Discuss Your First Insurance Offer

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