Is Heart Disease Considered a Disability in Arkansas?

Applying for disability benefits can be difficult. Many people who cannot work are afraid that their conditions might not qualify as a disability under the law. Heart disease often presents such an issue because it is not necessarily visible to others.

Heart disease may be considered a disability in Arkansas. Whether you can apply for disability benefits due to your heart disease depends on your specific medical diagnosis and how your condition affects your ability to work and live. Heart disease may be considered a disability because it can inhibit people from performing strenuous or even ordinary daily tasks. Filing for disability requires submitting paperwork and documentation of your heart disease to the Social Security Administration (SSA). Applicants often wonder whether their heart disease is severe enough to warrant disability benefits, and our legal team can help you determine if you are eligible.

You may be able to get disability benefits if your heart disease prevents you from working and ordinary daily chores are challenging. Our Arkansas disability lawyers can help you get started. Call us at (479) 316-0438 for a free assessment.

Can People with Heart Disease Receive Disability Benefits in Arkansas?

People with heart disease may receive disability benefits depending on how their medical conditions affect their day-to-day life. Heart disease is a broad category of medical conditions involving the heart and cardiovascular system. Some conditions that fall into this category are relatively minor and easy to manage. However, others are debilitating and might prevent someone from going to work and earning a living.

Before applying for disability benefits in Arkansas, you should consult with your doctor about your heart disease. When applying for disability benefits, you will have to submit information about your heart disease, including medical records and doctors’ statements. Your doctor can help you understand the nature of your condition and how it might be considered a disability.

Our Bella Vista disability lawyers can then help you begin the application process. Applying for disability benefits with any medical condition can be difficult. People with obvious disabilities are sometimes rejected because they did not provide enough information or filled out certain forms incorrectly. Our team can help you avoid mistakes and hopefully get you the benefits you need quickly.

Why Heart Disease is Considered a Disability in Arkansas

Numerous conditions are considered “heart disease.” According to the SSA, numerous diseases or conditions involving the cardiovascular system are considered disabilities in Arkansas, and people who live with these conditions might be eligible for disability benefits.

Heart disease might be considered a disability if it prevents you from going to work or working in a way that may be considered substantial or gainful. The exact criteria you must meet for your heart disease to be considered a disability varies between specific diagnoses.

For example, a person with chronic heart failure may be eligible for disability benefits if their condition meets the following criteria:

  • Systolic or diastolic failure, and
  • Persistent heart failure systems that seriously limit your ability to complete tasks of daily living independently, or
  • Three or more separate episodes of acute congestive heart failure within a consecutive 12-month time with evidence of fluid retention that require a doctor’s intervention, separated by periods of stabilization, or
  • The inability to perform an exercise tolerance test of 5 METs.

A list of heart disease and related conditions for adults and children can be found on the SSA website detailing exactly what criteria you must meet to be eligible for disability benefits. Our Farmington disability attorneys can help connect you with doctors to assess your condition and check if you meet the criteria for your specific form of heart disease.

How to File for Disability Benefits for Heart Disease in Arkansas

Filing for disability benefits involves a lot of paperwork, forms, and documentation. Some applicants attempt to file their applications independently but quickly realize they are in over their heads. An attorney experienced with the laws and procedures of disability benefits can help you fill out your application and submit it, so you get your benefits as quickly as possible with less headache and hassle.

First, you should check the online checklist provided by the SSA to make sure you have all the necessary information and paperwork to begin the application process. First, you will need a lot of personal information about yourself. Information about your place and date of birth, marital status, children, military service, employment, and even banking information is necessary.

Second, you must provide information about your heart disease and how it affects your daily life. This part tends to be more challenging because you must get a lot of information and documentation from doctors and medical professionals about your condition. You must prove the names and contact information of any doctors and healthcare providers you have seen about your heart disease. You must also provide information about any other medical records you have. For example, medical records related to Workers’ Compensation, public welfare assistance, or even correctional facilities must be provided.

It is not enough to submit your medical records for review. You must explain how your heart disease hinders your life on a daily basis. This may be challenging for those unfamiliar with the disability benefits system as they might not know what they should or should not say. Our Greenland disability attorneys have experience getting benefits for people with heart disease and can help you effectively explain your condition in your application.

How Bad Does Heart Disease Have to Be to Qualify for Disability in Arkansas?

Exactly how bad a condition like heart disease must be before someone can get disability benefits is a subjective question with no clear answer. While the SSA provides numerous criteria for heart disease that must be met, meeting these criteria does not necessarily guarantee your application will be approved. Our Rogers disability attorneys can help you explain your condition in a way that clearly shows you need disability benefits to get by.

Perhaps the most important part of your application is how you explain how your heart disease affects your life and prevents you from completing daily tasks. If you can continue working and living independently with your heart disease, you might not be approved for disability benefits. If you cannot work, cannot live on your own, and need help completing simple tasks, you must include these details. These are the details the SSA is looking for when they approve applications for disability benefits.

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