How to Obtain Traffic Camera Footage for a Car Accident in Arkansas

After a car accident, injured drivers often file lawsuits to recover significant damages. One crucial piece of evidence that might turn the tide of your case is camera footage of the collision.

In many locations throughout Arkansas, the state has placed traffic cameras to monitor traffic flow. Ordinarily, this system is used to identify traffic congestion and help drivers plan better routes. However, we might be able to get a hold of traffic camera footage if it depicts your car accident. If a traffic camera did not record your accident or we cannot obtain the footage, there might be other cameras that recorded the crash. Security camera footage from a nearby business, dashcam footage from your car or others, or even footage from police body cameras can be extremely useful.

Having a video recording of your accident as it happened in real-time is some of the strongest evidence you can get. Our Arkansas car accident lawyers can help you track down any footage we believe exists. For a free case review, call our offices at (479) 316-0438.

Traffic Camera Footage for Arkansas Car Accidents

The Arkansas Department of Transportation has installed traffic cameras in numerous locations across the state. The cameras provide live video feeds of traffic conditions that can be viewed on the internet. While travelers primarily use traffic cameras to plan routes and avoid heavy traffic, they can also be useful to injured drivers after car accidents. Our Bella Vista car accident lawyers can help you work on obtaining traffic camera footage of your crash.

Since traffic cameras are set up and operated by the state, we must work with state authorities to obtain footage of your accident. Our team can contact the Arkansas Department of Transportation about the footage of your accident. Depending on the circumstances and whether the footage still exists, we might be able to obtain a copy to use in your case.

Live traffic camera footage can be viewed online and is available in numerous locations. However, traffic cameras tend to exist mostly along major highways. If your accident happened somewhere less populated, like a rural back road, there is a chance that there was no traffic camera monitoring the area.

Obtaining Security Camera Footage After a Car Accident in Arkansas

If your accident happened somewhere that was not monitored by the state’s traffic cameras, our Arkansas car accident attorneys can help you look for video footage elsewhere. In today’s increasingly digital world, cameras can be found almost anywhere. There is a good chance a camera somewhere recorded your accident; we just have to find it.

One option is to check with nearby homes and businesses about privately owned security cameras. Security cameras are often set up around stores, businesses, and private residences as a safety precaution, and our team can check the area surrounding your accident scene for possible security camera footage. Often, this means contacting residents and business owners in the area about their security cameras and whether they would be willing to check their records for footage of the accident.

Dashcam Footage for Car Accidents in Arkansas

Sometimes, video footage of a car accident can be found inside your vehicle or another. Dashboard cameras (dashcams) are becoming increasingly popular, and many people install them in their cars as a safety measure. A dashcam typically sits at the front of a car on the dashboard facing the windshield. Many people rely on this footage when they are involved in accidents. If a witness had a dashcam that recorded the accident, our Bentonville car accident lawyers can work on tracking the footage down.

If the defendant in your case hit you head-on, your dashcam might have caught them on camera. Such footage may be extremely useful when we prove the other driver’s identity. Even if you were hit from behind and your dashcam did not record the other driver hitting you, the dashcam footage might still contain important details. For example, we can use your dashcam footage to prove how fast you were going, where the accident happened, and that you did not commit any traffic violations that would have contributed to the crash.

If you did not have a dashcam in your vehicle at the time of the crash, other drivers near the accident might have had one installed. This is why it is so important that you exchange information not only with the defendant after a crash but also with potential witnesses. If one of them had a dashcam that recorded the accident, we need to get our hands on that footage.

Footage from Police Body Cameras for Arkansas Car Accidents

In some cases, footage from nearby cameras or dashcams is simply nonexistent. For example, if someone was hit by another car on a rural back road, there might be no nearby places with security cameras. If nobody had a dashcam, you might be hard-pressed for evidence. However, our Arkansas car accident lawyers can always check with law enforcement officials about video footage they might have.

After a crash, drivers usually call the police for help. In many cases, calling the police is not only necessary but legally required. When the police arrive, they might have dashcams or body cameras that record everything they do and say. Although this kind of footage would not depict the accident as it happened, it might show the immediate aftermath, which might contain very important details.

Not all police departments have body cameras for their officers. And even if they do, they might not wear them to respond to a car accident call. However, our Fort Smith car accident lawyers can help you reach out to the police and ask about the existence of any video footage and how we can obtain it.

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