Rogers, AR Bus Accident Lawyer

Rogers, AR Bus Accident Lawyer

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    Thousands of people in Rogers rely on public transportation for their traveling needs. Commuters use buses to run errands, go to and from work, or get their children to school. While these massive vehicles are usually safe, accidents do occur. When someone is hurt in a bus accident, they have a right to seek a monetary recovery from the party or parties that caused the crash.

    Bus accident injuries happen in a variety of ways. For instance, a passenger could be thrown from their seat if an operator is driving recklessly. In other situations, a bus could collide with a much smaller vehicle or even strike a pedestrian waiting for a ride. Our Rogers, AR bus accident lawyers will fight for your rights no matter how the accident occurred.

    Motor vehicle accidents are much more complicated than most people think. When an accident involves a bus, additional difficulties arise. Knowing who to sue and what procedural requirements to follow are as important as gathering physical evidence and medical documentation. Our team of experienced lawyers will focus on your legal case while you focus on your health. Call (479) 316-0438 today to schedule an appointment.

    Liability for Rogers Bus Accidents

    After a bus accident, just like any accident involving a car, the negligent party is typically liable for any damages. This means they are legally and financially responsible for any injuries or losses. Negligence is not limited to one party. In a bus accident case, multiple parties could be held accountable. For example, an accident could result from the negligence of a Rogers bus driver, another motorist, or a combination of each party’s conduct. A bus driver could have been speeding while another driver ignored a traffic signal. Our Rogers bus accident lawyers will examine the evidence to determine who should be held accountable.

    Holding Bus Companies Liable for Accidents in Rogers, AR

    In some cases, a crash victim might be able to file a claim against the bus company. When a bus operator causes an accident while in the scope and course of their employment, their employer could be held responsible under a legal theory known as vicarious liability. In other cases, a plaintiff might have a direct claim against a bus company for its negligence. For example, a company could be held liable if it failed to properly train its driver or allowed an unfit person to operate one of its buses.

    Under federal and Arkansas law, buses are required to be maintained in a safe operating condition. To comply with this duty, bus companies must regularly inspect their vehicles, making repairs when required. If a bus accident occurs because the braking system failed or an old tire blew out, the company could be held liable for any injuries or damages. In some situations, an accident victim could also have a viable claim against the bus manufacturer if the defect was a design or manufacturing flaw. Our Rogers bus accident lawyers will advise you of every party that could share responsibility for your injuries.

    Determining Liability After a Rogers Bus Accident

    Determining liability or fault after a bus accident is often challenging. It will depend on the facts and available evidence. In many accident cases, the at-fault party is reluctant or unwilling to openly admit or accept responsibility. For example, a bus driver might fear losing their job, so they blame another driver. That driver, who might have also suffered an injury, blames the bus driver in an attempt to shift blame or pursue a personal injury claim of their own. Furthermore, insurance companies involved will tirelessly work to limit or eliminate liability. It is crucial to have an experienced Rogers bus accident lawyer advocating for your rights.

    Federal Regulations for Rogers Bus Drivers

    Bus drivers in Rogers must also comply with federal rules and regulations in addition to Arkansas laws. To promote safety, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration promulgates regulations that govern bus drivers across the country. Bus driver or bus company violates these regulations, face stiff penalties. Any violation could serve as evidence in a personal injury lawsuit.

    Many of the federal regulations focus on driver health and vehicle maintenance. For example, bus drivers can only operate their vehicles for a certain number of hours before requiring a mandated rest period. Additionally, there are various medical standards a driver must meet, including having good eyesight, hearing, and mobility.

    When our Rogers bus accident lawyers file a claim against a bus company or driver, we will have to demonstrate that their negligence caused the accident. Showing that a federal regulation or Arkansas traffic law was violated helps prove that the defendant’s behavior deviated from what a reasonable person would have done under the same circumstances. For example, your chances of being compensated for your losses increase if our office can establish that a bus driver was texting at the time of an accident.

    Damages Available After a Rogers Bus Accident

    Serious injuries result in serious expenses. Medical treatment is costly. If your injuries are severe, you could require surgery, hospitalization, and length physical rehabilitation. Additionally, you could find yourself unable to return to work while you recuperate. Fortunately, you could recover lost wages and medical expenses through a personal injury lawsuit or an insurance settlement. Additionally, you could also be compensated for non-economic harm including, physical pain, emotional distress, and mental suffering. Our Rogers bus accident lawyers will evaluate your damages, so you understand what your case is worth.

    Contact Our Experienced Rogers, AR Bus Accident Lawyers to Review Your Case

    The days or weeks following a bus accident might find you recovering from severe injuries without an idea of what your legal rights are. Our Rogers, AR bus accident lawyers are here to help injured victims obtain the financial compensation they deserve. Our team is dedicated to holding those responsible accountable for their negligent conduct. Call (479) 316-0438 to review your legal options.