Rogers, AR Disability Benefits Suspension Lawyer

Rogers, AR Disability Benefits Suspension Lawyer

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    When you are receiving disability benefits from the government, you may rely on those payments to support yourself and your family. If you lose these benefits, it could be impossible to keep your family cared for, and your disability may prevent you from working for any additional income.

    If you received a letter stating that your benefits were suspended, talk to an attorney immediately. Rogers disability benefits suspension lawyer Ken Kieklak may be able to take your case and fight to have your benefits restored. To schedule a free legal consultation, call Ken Kieklak, Attorney at Law, today at (479) 316-0438.

    Reasons for Disability Suspension in Arkansas

    Disability is typically paid through the Social Security Administration (SSA). This means that Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits are paid through the same government agency that manages Social Security. Because the SSA processes millions of annual applications and even more checks and benefit payments, there are many clerical reasons that your benefits may be suspended as well as substantive reasons that your benefits could be suspended for cause.

    The primary reason that the SSA will suspend your benefits is if you are no longer disabled or if they simply cannot tell if you are still disabled. If you truly have recovered from your disability, continuing to seek disability benefits might be inappropriate. However, clerical errors and questions the SSA has on your record might require them to suspend your benefits until they can confirm or deny you are still disabled.

    These disability suspensions can occur when the SSA has evidence of any of the following situations:

    • Your disability has ended, and you can return to work.
    • The SSA cannot confirm you are still disabled.
    • You violated trial work period rules and were caught working without approval.
    • You did not respond to requests for additional information.
    • You moved without notifying the Administration or the Post Office.
    • Other clerical errors

    Differences Between Benefit Suspension and Termination

    The SSA typically does not permanently cut off your benefits right away. Instead, they will often suspend your benefits and put a pause on any payments you might be entitled to receive. Then, the SSA will investigate further or request additional information to support your continued benefits. If the SSA does not get the information it needs, the suspension will become permanent, and your benefits will be terminated. If you can prove you still need benefits and cure any doubts the SSA has, your benefits will be resumed.

    Ending a Disability Suspension in Arkansas

    The primary reason the SSA suspends benefits is because they need additional information. When you initially applied for disability, the process of proving your disability may have been difficult, may have required numerous doctor’s visits and meetings, and may have required the help of an attorney. Proving your continued need for benefits can be equally difficult, and you should contact an attorney to help you.

    When the SSA needs more information about your disability, it could require you to see a doctor, file paperwork, and perform other steps to prove your continued disability. If you hire an attorney, your lawyer can present your case to the SSA using the proper terms and phrases typical of these kinds of situations and work to answer the SSA’s questions fully and precisely. This can increase your chances of having your benefits restored.

    If you are still eligible for benefits, the SSA will continue to hold them until you can prove you still qualify. Working with an attorney can help streamline the process and reduce the chance that the SSA will need multiple rounds of requests for additional information.

    If your case is denied and your benefits are terminated, a lawyer familiar with your case and the suspension process can stand up for you and try to get the termination reversed. Helping you keep your benefits should be your disability suspension lawyer’s primary concern.

    Receiving Back Benefits After a Disability Suspension

    If your benefits are suspended, your last check will be for the last month that the SSA could determine you qualified for benefits. When your benefits are suddenly cut off, it can be difficult to manage the financial consequences.

    During your suspension, the SSA should track the payments you should have received, and those back benefits should be paid if your benefits are restored. This makes it important to fight to end a suspension and get not only the continued benefits you and your family will need going forward but also the back benefits you deserve as well.

    Disability Suspension Attorney in Rogers, Arkansas

    If you or a loved one has had their disability benefits suspended, contact our Rogers disability benefit suspension lawyer today to schedule a free legal consultation on your case. Ken Kieklak, Attorney at Law, fights disability suspension to get disabled Arkansans the support they need for themselves and their families. To schedule a free legal consultation on your case, contact our law offices today at (479) 316-0438.