How Much Settlement Can I Expect After a Partial Finger Amputation in Arkansas?

Some injuries are so severe that victims lose limbs or appendages. You can negotiate a substantial settlement if you experienced a partial finger amputation because of someone else’s negligence.

Your hands are important in almost every aspect of your daily functioning. A partial finger amputation might lead to a significant settlement. Losing part of your finger might hinder your ability to continue working and make normal daily tasks much harder. Additionally, bodily disfigurements tend to drive settlements up. Available damages that should be considered in settlement negotiations include medical bills, lost income, physical pain, emotional suffering, and more. When negotiating a settlement, you should enlist the help of a skilled personal injury lawyer who can effectively argue for a higher settlement, highlight factors that increase your settlement, and downplay those that would decrease it.

After having a finger amputated because of an accident caused by someone else’s negligence, our Arkansas personal injury lawyers can help you get justice and a settlement. For a free case review, call our offices at (479) 316-0438.

What Kind of Settlement is Possible After a Partial Finger Amputation in Arkansas?

There are a lot of different factors that might influence the amount of your settlement for a partial finger amputation. In many cases, plaintiffs were injured in work-related incidents and filed Workers’ Compensation claims. Even though you might not file such a claim, we can look to Workers’ Compensation laws under Arkansas Code § 11-9-521 for guidance on how certain injuries are valued.

According to this law, finger amputations can be compensated based on which finger was amputated and whether the amputation was total or partial. For example, amputation of the index finger is compensated more than a pinky finger amputation. Similarly, a partial amputation is not worth as much as an amputation of the entire finger. Even so, amputation of any kind deserves a hefty settlement, and our Arkansas personal injury lawyers will help you get one.

Generally, injuries that include amputations and other kinds of bodily disfigurement tend to be met with higher settlement offers. Amputations are injuries that can never be undone and may have lasting effects on your ability to work. Our Bella Vista personal injury attorneys can help you negotiate the best settlement possible.

Damages Available After a Partial Finger Amputation in Arkansas

After going through a partial finger amputation, numerous damages might be considered in settlement negotiations. We should immediately take stock of your medical expenses. Medical damages are often very expensive, even for people with health insurance. Not only is the initial surgery to amputate costly, but we also have to factor in the many follow-up doctor appointments, aftercare, medications, and more.

The physical pain involved in amputation can be excruciating. Even though there is no explicit price attached to physical pain, we can still claim it as part of your damages and use it to negotiate a better settlement.

Emotional suffering is also often a significant factor in partial finger amputation cases. A lot of psychological trauma comes with this kind of injury. Injured victims must cope with the permanent disfigurement of losing a finger on top of losing work. Coming to terms with this kind of injury takes time, and many plaintiffs report experiencing PTSD, depression, anxiety, and other psychological injuries. Our Bentonville personal injury lawyers can evaluate these damages by assessing how they affect your daily life and functioning.

Hand and finger injuries pose a serious problem for an injured victim’s work prospects. Whether you work with your hands or type on a computer, a partial finger amputation makes returning to work difficult, sometimes impossible. Your lost income should be added to your damages and brought up during settlement negotiations.

Negotiating a Settlement for a Partial Finger Amputation in Arkansas

Negotiating a settlement requires going back and forth with the defendant and their legal counsel about damages, liability, and money. While many personal injury lawsuits end with settlement agreements, they are not guaranteed. In some cases, settlement negotiations fail. Our Fayetteville personal injury attorneys can help you prepare for a trial in such a case. Getting the best settlement possible depends on carefully thought through negotiation tactics and evidence.

To maximize your potential settlement for a partial finger amputation, we can help you highlight your damages and the defendant’s bad behavior. Defendants may be more agreeable to a settlement if we come into negotiations with strong evidence of their responsibility. Photos and videos from the accident scene, witness testimony, and statements admitting wrongdoing from the defendant can help us argue for a higher settlement.

Factors That Might Increase or Decrease a Settlement for a Partial Finger Amputation in Arkansas

When negotiating a settlement, we must consider your case’s aggravating and mitigating circumstances. Aggravating circumstances are details that make you look bad and might decrease a potential settlement offer. Mitigating factors are the details that make you look better and can be used to negotiate a higher settlement. The more mitigating circumstances we can highlight, the better your settlement is likely to be.

Examples of aggravating circumstances include possible contributory negligence on your part. Anything you might have done that contributed to the accident and your injuries may be used by the defendant to justify a lower settlement. For example, if you injured your hand in a car accident, but your reckless driving partially caused the accident, you might end up with a lower settlement.

Mitigating factors include details that may increase your potential settlement. For example, if the defendant not only caused the accident that led to your finger amputation but also acted with malice, they might be on the hook for a much larger settlement. Talk to our Rogers personal injury lawyers about how to maximize your potential settlement with mitigating details.

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