Springdale, AR Spinal Cord Injury Attorney

Springdale, AR Spinal Cord Injury Attorney

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    Spinal cord injuries are more common than you might think.  Each year there are approximately 12,000 new spinal cord injury victims. This startling number does not include those who did not survive their injuries, which make this number even more dramatic. Those who have endured a spinal cord injury often face a life that is dramatically different than the life they lead before the accident.

    If you have been involved in an accident and are now suffering from a spinal cord injury you may be able to file a lawsuit to recover for your losses.

    What are the Most Common Causes of Spinal Cord Injuries?

    Each injury is unique and it is hard to say what is the exact cause and the exact moment that a spinal cord injury victim’s life changes. However, when these accidents happen they generally result in catastrophic damage and injury. Over the past several decades there has been a general trend in those accidents that lead to spinal cord injuries. These include:

    • Motor vehicle accidents – car accidents and accidents involving other vehicles are the most common source of spinal cord injuries. In fact, over 42 percent of spinal cord injuries are the result of some form of motor vehicle accident.
    • Falls – slips, trips, and falls are another major contributing factor in spinal cord injury statistics. These accidents are more common in the workplace, particularly in those industries involving major machinery. However, regardless of the environment a slip, trip, or fall from any height can potentially cause any of the delicate nerves or bones in the spinal column to be irreparably damaged.
    • Violence – This may be surprising to many, however, violence including assault, battery, and particularly gunshot wounds have all been linked to spinal cord injuries.
    • Sports – Many are beginning to become aware of the dangers that athletes face against traumatic brain injuries. However, just as worrisome is the increase of spinal cord injuries that have been documented in recent years. Popular sports such as football, baseball, horseback riding, and even gymnastics have all left people the victim of a spinal cord injury.

    No matter the source of a spinal cord injury, anytime a severe injury such as this is caused by another’s negligence or recklessness is likely to leave you with severe and long-lasting injuries. Spinal cord accident victims often experience some degree or even total paralysis of the lower or even entire body. In many cases, spinal cord injury victims must endure constant medical care and attention in order to carry on their lives. However, when such a traumatic injury occurs you may be able to file a lawsuit in an effort to recover for the time, money, and lifestyle that you have lost.

    How Attorneys Help in Spinal Cord Injury Cases

    In most spinal cord injury cases the accident that caused the injury is traumatic, and more often than not it is because of another’s’ negligence. In most spinal cord injury cases there are two different lawsuits that you may be entitled to file, and working with an experienced personal injury attorney is one method to use to ensure that you are able to recover for all of your injuries and damages.  In spinal cord injury cases you may be able to file either a personal injury lawsuit or in the event that a family member or loved one has passed away because of a spinal cord injury, then you may be able to file a wrongful death lawsuit.  In these type of lawsuits you may be entitled to recover any one or any combination of the following:

    • Health and Medical Expenses – It is estimated that a person who sustains an incomplete spinal cord injury will incur upwards of 100,000 dollars worth of medical expenses. Even more daunting is the possibility of facing 400,000 worth of medical expenses for a complete spinal cord injury. These numbers and estimates are often just for the initial care and stabilization of a patient.
    • Continuing medical care and expenses – Many spinal cord injury victims find that they have to go to regular and consistent doctor’s appointments. In addition many of those who have sustained a spinal cord injury will have to receive in home treatment.
    • Lost wages or reduced wages – Because of the severity of a spinal cord injury many of those who have been injured find that they are not able to perform the same work that the did before their accident. In these cases by filing a personal injury and or a wrongful death case a family may be able to recover for the lost of reduced wages of a spinal cord accident victim.

    A spinal cord injury is likely going to change the course of your life. However, this does not mean that you are expected to handle this burden on your own. By filing a personal injury and or a wrongful death action you may be able to recover for any of your losses you have sustained as a result of your accident.

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