What Role Do Expert Witnesses Play in AR Car Accident Lawsuits?

It can be necessary for plaintiffs involved in car accident cases to convey complex scientific information to a jury of average individuals. In these situations, an expert might need to provide testimony to prove an important element in a case.

If you have scientific or highly technical evidence, you might need to call upon experts to testify. These experts might come from various scientific fields or areas of expertise. Medical experts who specialize in injuries, automotive experts, and accident reconstruction experts are often called upon as expert witnesses in car accident cases. In Arkansas, the Daubert rule is followed, which means that the judge will determine the expert’s qualifications and whether they can give testimony.

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What Does an Expert Witness Do in an Arkansas Car Accident Lawsuit?

In legal proceedings, particularly in car accident cases, the evidence presented can often be highly technical or scientific. As a result, it might be necessary to call upon an expert to help explain the evidence to the jury. Such experts might come from a variety of backgrounds, including scientific fields, and they possess specialized knowledge, training, or experience that is relevant to the case at hand. These expert witnesses are often called upon to provide their professional opinion on specific issues that might arise during the trial.

A car accident case can involve a range of expert witnesses, including accident reconstruction experts, medical experts, vocational rehabilitation experts, and others. Given the scientific nature of much of the evidence in these cases, experts are often required to help explain complex injuries or malfunctions in vehicles that might have contributed to the accident.

Whether an expert witness is needed depends on the type of evidence that will be presented in court and whether that evidence requires an expert to explain it. Our Fayetteville, AR car accident attorneys can help you determine whether expert witnesses are necessary in your case and can help you locate and procure those experts if needed. It is important to have the right experts on your side who can help combat any evidence presented by the defendant and ensure that you receive the justice you deserve.

How Does the Court Determine Who Can Testify as an Expert Witness in an Arkansas Car Accident Lawsuit?

When it comes to the admissibility of expert witness testimony in Arkansas, the Daubert test is followed. This test puts the court’s focus on the scientific validity of the methodology used to arrive at the testimony and its applicability to the issue at hand.

A wide range of factors are taken into account to make this determination. These factors include whether the scientific theory or technique has been tested, whether it has been reviewed and published by peers, the potential rate of error, and the existence and maintenance of standards governing the technique’s operation.

Furthermore, the inquiry also investigates whether the theory or technique has been accepted in the scientific community. It is important to note that the court’s focus is not on the expert’s conclusions but rather on the principles and methodology used by the expert. Flexibility is key in this determination process.

Typical Expert Witnesses Used in Arkansas Car Accident Cases

In a car accident lawsuit, expert witnesses play a crucial role in providing their professional opinions and insights to help the court make an informed decision. While doctors, auto experts, and accident reconstruction experts are often called upon, depending on the specifics of your case, an expert from a different field might be necessary. In Arkansas, the following are some of the most frequently employed expert witnesses in car accident cases:

Accident Reconstruction Experts

Motor vehicle accidents can be complex, even when injuries appear to be minor. This is particularly true in scenarios where multiple vehicles are involved. In such cases, accident reconstruction specialists might be called upon to meticulously examine the evidence surrounding the crash, such as tire marks, vehicle damages, and speed, in order to scientifically piece together how the accident might have happened.

For instance, an accident reconstruction expert might analyze the tire marks on the road, the extent of damage to the vehicles, and information from police reports to ascertain which driver is likely to have caused the collision, as well as the factors that contributed to it. Such expert analysis can help to resolve any disputes or disagreements between the parties involved and provide clarity on issues such as who is responsible for the accident.

Medical Experts

Car accidents can result in severe and complex injuries that can be difficult to prove in court. In many cases, a plaintiff’s medical condition might be a result of multiple injuries sustained in one crash. Moreover, it’s not uncommon for plaintiffs to have mostly or fully recovered from their injuries by the time their trial date arrives, making it challenging to convince a jury.

This is where having a medical expert like a doctor come in to review your medical records from the accident and testify about your injuries can be extremely beneficial. If the accident victim did not survive their injuries, their family members might sue for wrongful death, and in that case, a medical expert could testify about the cause of death. Defendants often try to argue that the injuries from the car accident were not the cause of death, so the plaintiff would require a medical expert to review their loved one’s injuries and records to determine if the accident was the direct cause of their passing.

Auto Mechanic Expert

Car accidents can be caused by various factors, and one of them is faulty vehicle parts. In some cases, news stories might report auto manufacturers recalling certain vehicles because they were manufactured with defective parts. If these defects go unnoticed, drivers might be at risk of injuries in crashes.

If you suspect that your accident was caused by a faulty vehicle part, such as the brakes, it’s essential to have your vehicle assessed by an automotive expert. These professionals possess extensive experience working on different types of vehicles and can identify any defective parts. Since modern vehicles rely heavily on computer systems, a deep understanding of this technology is crucial in detecting complex issues.

Financial Experts

It might be necessary to consult with a financial expert to determine lost wages if your injury prevents you from working. If your injury limits your ability to work at full capacity or prevents you from returning to work altogether, you could miss out on years of income, promotions, raises, and other income-related impacts. An expert witness specializing in financial analysis is typically required to calculate these intricate details.

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