Who Do You Sue if You Get into an Accident with an Amazon Delivery Truck in Arkansas?

Amazon is one of the biggest online retailers in the world. Their quick delivery services have made them one of the top go-to online places to buy goods. However, the incredibly high demand and delivery services have caused truckers to meet stringent, tight deadlines. The pressure to keep customers happy has caused many drivers to engage in behavior that has led to devastating accidents. If you have been involved in an accident with an Amazon delivery truck, you may ask yourself what you can do to get compensation for your losses. Our Fayetteville, AR truck accident lawyer, Ken Kieklak, invites you to keep reading as we discuss who you sue after an accident with an Amazon delivery truck in Arkansas.

Who is Liable After an Amazon Delivery Truck Accident in Arkansas?

For many people involved in an accident with an Amazon delivery truck, determining liability may seem straightforward. However, determining liability and filing a claim against the online shopping giant may not be as easy as you think. Amazon delivery truck drivers are “independent contractors” rather than direct employees of the company, which can make it challenging to hold Amazon directly liable.

Amazon has always relied upon privately-owned trucking companies to make their deliveries and transport their merchandise. These companies act as third-party contractors, providing services to Amazon. Most of the time, the negligent truck owner or their trucking company are the ones subject to liability after an accident, rather than Amazon.

In short, Amazon cannot be held liable for the actions of a driver who is not their employee. However, there are exceptions to Amazon’s liability rules. Typically, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) lays out the rules all trucking companies must follow. For instance, this federal agency regulates the amount of weight a truck can safely haul, how its cargo should be distributed and loaded, and truck driver behavior while on duty. If you can show Amazon breached FMCSA rules, they could be found partially liable for your accident.

With our Fayetteville, AR Amazon delivery truck accident lawyer‘s assistance, you may be able to show Amazon that their driver is responsible for your injuries. Additionally, your attorney can help you show the required evidence to maximize your compensation.

Common Causes of Amazon Delivery Truck Accidents in Arkansas

Typically, Amazon delivery truck accidents can happen due to the negligent actions of their drivers. Like any other driver on the road, Amazon delivery truck drivers are expected to operate their vehicles safely, avoiding unnecessary risks that may put themselves and others in danger. However, these drivers are under constant pressure to meet Amazon’s demanding delivery deadlines.

Speeding is a major contributing factor in many truck accidents, including Amazon delivery trucks. As you may know, Amazon has “same day delivery” and “two-day” delivery services. While this may be excellent for the end consumer, these services often cause a driver to engage in speeding, which in turn can lead to an otherwise preventable crash.

Additionally, Amazon delivery truck drivers may have to travel long distances to haul their cargo. These drivers are also under constant pressure to distribute merchandise quickly. This forces truck drivers to operate their vehicles for long hours. Driving a large commercial truck without adequate rest can affect the driver’s ability to drive safely. There have been many cases where a fatigued driver has fallen asleep behind the steering wheel, causing devastating, catastrophic accidents.

As we mentioned, trucking companies must follow the rules set forth by the FMCSA. This includes loading the cargo properly and distributing it evenly. Overloaded trucks can cause drivers to lose control over their vehicle, which can make it prone to tilt and roll over, putting the safety of other drivers at risk.

What Should I Do After an Accident with an Amazon Delivery Truck in Arkansas?

Everything you do after an accident with an Amazon delivery truck in Arkansas can significantly impact your compensation. It would be best to take photos of the scene so you can show the extent of your crash and losses. Additionally, make sure to exchange contact and insurance information with all parties involved, including any witnesses who can help you prove your claim.

It is essential to avoid making any expressions that may be interpreted as an admission of guilt. Doing things like apologizing and saying you are sorry for what happened can be used against you. It is essential to refrain from answering any questions made by the involved party’s insurance company. Many times, these companies will try to get answers that may work in their favor.

It would be best to report your accident to emergency services such as 9-1-1 and the local police. Typically, your medical examiner and the police officer investigating the crash scene will make reports. Getting a copy of these reports can help you support your claim and prove your injuries’ existence and extent.

Additionally, make sure to contact an Arkansas truck accident attorney with experience handling this type of accident. Through your Arkansas truck accident lawyer, you can show the liable party’s negligence and fight for the compensation you deserve.

Compensation After an Accident with an Amazon Delivery Truck in Arkansas

If you were involved in an accident caused by another driver’s negligence, you should be able to recover compensation for your losses. Typically, you should be able to recover compensation for things such as medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering. However, before you can get your compensation, you will need to show the defendant’s negligence. This is something your Arkansas personal injury lawyer can help you achieve.

Arkansas Amazon Delivery Truck Accident Lawyer Offering Free Consultations

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