Arkansas Attorney for Back Injury Workers’ Compensation Claims

Arkansas Attorney for Back Injury Workers’ Compensation Claims

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    Many jobs in Arkansas require physical labor. If you work in construction, in a factory, or are a healthcare worker that has to move patients, you are more likely to injury your back than other workers. However, that does not mean that other professions do not have a risk of back injuries. Sitting in the wrong position for too many hours or moving a box of files could result in an injury.

    If you injure your back while at work and incur medical expenses or lose time at work, you could be entitled to collect benefits through workers’ compensation insurance. In some situations, you could also pursue a personal injury lawsuit. Ken Kieklak, Attorney at Law, is an Arkansas attorney for back injury workers’ compensation claims that assists Arkansas residents to navigate the complicated claims process. If you hurt your back while at work, call our office at (479) 316-0438 to schedule a free consultation.

    Common Causes of Back Injuries in an Arkansas Workplace

    Back injuries happen for a variety of reasons. While employees who have physically straining jobs tend to suffer a more significant percentage of back injuries, even a small, seemingly insignificant motion could result in a painful injury.

    One reason workers suffer back injuries is insufficient training by their employers. There is often an assumption that someone knows the proper technic or form to lift a heavy object safely. Unfortunately, that is not the case, making back injuries one of the most common reasons people see their doctors. If your job entails a substantial amount of lifting or other strenuous physical activity, you should be adequately trained to do the job without increasing the risk of injury.

    Not all back injuries are the result of heavy lifting. An employee could suffer a back injury from sitting and working on a computer all day. Poor form or a lack of sufficient breaks to get up and move around could damage a person’s back.

    Slip and fall accidents could result in many different injuries, including a back injury. A factory or construction side has many hazards that could cause an employee to lose their balance. In an office, a person could fall and hurt their back if they trip over a torn piece of carpet or a loose power cord.

    Falling objects also result in back and neck injuries in the workplace. Whether you work in a warehouse or an office, it is possible to be struck by a falling object that was misplaced or unsecured. These injuries are usually preventable and you should be compensated for any harm you suffered.

    Many individuals are required to drive for their job. Whether you drive a truck for delivering goods, have to drive out to inspect a job site, or attend an out-of-office meeting, you run the risk of being involved in a motor vehicle accident. Accident victims often suffer back injuries, even in collisions that do not appear to be more than fender-benders.

    Reporting a Back Injury in an Arkansas Workplace

    If you suffer a back injury while on the job, you must report it immediately. Any delay in reporting an injury could result in your employer or their insurance provider claiming that the injury did not occur during the scope of your employment. For example, if you feel a pull in your lower back on Friday and wait until Monday morning to report the injury, an insurance company would argue that your injury occurred over the weekend. By reporting the injury as soon as it happens, you will create a record with your employer, including filing an incident or accident report and recording any witness testimony. This information could be vital in pursuing workers’ compensation benefits or a personal injury lawsuit.

    Denied Workers Compensation Claims for Back Injuries in Arkansas

    Filing a workers’ compensation claim is just the beginning of the process. Your employer’s insurance company will investigate and evaluate your claim to determine if you qualify for benefits. If there is an error in the provided documentation or discrepancies in the information, your claim will likely be denied. Additionally, you are required to see an approved doctor. If you see a doctor or receive medical treatment that was not approved, an insurance provider will deny your claim. Failing to follow through with prescribed treatment is also grounds to deny your benefits.

    Benefit claims for back injuries are especially challenging due to the nature of the injuries. Often, soft tissue damage or a muscle strain is not readily apparent. Because of this, an employee will fail to report the injury because they were unaware of its seriousness. Furthermore, an insurance company might not be willing to approve the medical treatment necessary to treat your injury. To help ensure all the required documentation is provided and accurately completed, it is a good idea to work with an experienced Arkansas workers’ compensation lawyer.

    Call Our Attorney for Back Injury Workers’ Compensation Claims to Schedule a Free Consultation

    Back injuries are one of the most common injuries people suffer at the workplace. When you are trying to recover from a serious back injury, you do not want to have to deal with insurance companies and the hurdles associated with an Arkansas workers’ compensation claim. Insurance companies will be working for their benefit, not yours. Ken Kieklak is an Arkansas attorney for back injury workers’ compensation claims. Our office and staff are committed to representing hard-working individuals who were injured on the job. To discuss your legal options with our Fayetteville, AR workers comp lawyer, call Ken Kieklak, Attorney at Law, at (479) 316-0438 to schedule a free appointment.