Attorney for Workers’ Compensation Case Referrals in Arkansas

Attorney for Workers’ Compensation Case Referrals in Arkansas

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    The workers’ compensation process in Arkansas can be intimidating for even experienced attorneys. If your firm’s scope of practice does not regularly focus on workers’ injuries or compensation claims, contacting a skilled attorney for workers’ compensation case referrals in Arkansas could be beneficial for all parties involved.

    Ken Kieklak, Attorney at Law, has been navigating the challenging waters of Arkansas workers’ compensation laws for over 20 years. With dedication and focus, Ken works diligently for his clients and those clients that are referred to him by other firms. If your firm has a client with a complicated workplace injury claim or appeal, call our firm at (479) 316-0438 to discuss our referral agreement.

    Workers’ Compensation Attorney in Arkansas

    When you refer a client to our firm, the primary goal of our experienced Arkansas workers’ compensation attorney is to help get them to receive the benefits they deserve. Unfortunately, in most workers’ compensation cases, the defendant, either their employer or the employer’s insurance provider, will be working to mitigate liability. This is one of the reasons why an injured worker should be referred to a law firm that concentrates on workers’ compensation cases.

    Workers’ compensation claims are often challenging and require more than just completing and filing a few forms. Our firm provides a variety of services that help ensure that a claim will be approved.

    Gathering medical evidence is critical to establish the severity of the injuries sustained. This documentation includes medical records, testimony from medical professionals, and other evidence that substantiates the injured employee’s claim. Through discovery, such as requesting documents and disposing of key witnesses, our Arkansas workers’ compensation attorney will work to build a compelling case for your client.

    Workers’ compensation law, as with other branches of the law, is complex and changing. Our knowledgeable lawyers and staff stay abreast of current developments within the practice. We understand that small nuances in the law are often the difference between a successful and denied claim, so our firm prioritizes continuing education.

    Should a claim be denied, our firm will vigorously represent the injured worker through the appeals process. Many claims are denied because an applicant started the process without competent legal representation. Our Arkansas workers’ compensation attorneys are available to assist your client even if your firm did not represent them during the initial stages of the claim process.

    Referring a Workers’ Compensation Client to Determine if a Personal Injury Claim is Necessary

    Arkansas Workers’ Compensation law was enacted to provide injured workers a streamlined means of receiving compensation for their medical expenses and lost wages without the need for lengthy litigation. As a trade-off, under the law, an employee is generally prohibited from filing a personal injury lawsuit against their employer. However, there are times when a personal injury claim might be necessary. By referring your client to our skilled Arkansas workers’ compensation attorney, our office will determine if your client has other options available.

    One of the benefits of a workers’ compensation claim is that an accident victim is not required to establish that another party caused their injury. As long as the injury occurred during the scope of employment, the injured worker should be entitled to benefits. If a personal injury lawsuit is warranted, your client will need a qualified Arkansas personal injury attorney to determine if another party could be held liable. Arkansas law permits claims against third-parties, including sub-contractors, building owners, equipment manufacturers, and even other employees.

    The Benefits of Referring Your Client to an Experienced Arkansas Workers’ Compensation Attorney

    While workers’ compensation was designed to provide a streamlined process to get injured workers paid for the losses they suffered because of an injury, these benefits are not always comprehensive. For example, an injured employee is not entitled to receive compensation for their pain and suffering. In a personal injury case, non-economic damages, such as pain and suffering, anxiety, depression, and loss of enjoyment of life are available to an injured worker.

    Under workers’ compensation, an injured employee is entitled to their lost wages. However, this benefit does not include all their lost income. The benefits available to your client through a workers’ compensation claim are limited to two-thirds of their regular salary and this benefit is statutorily capped. By referring your client to our office, you can be assured that our attorneys and staff are diligently working towards getting your client compensated for the wages they lost, along with any future lost income. One of the primary jobs our office has once you refer a case to us is to determine the claim’s value. By referring a client to our firm, you could help ensure that the most vigorous steps will be taken to help them obtain their rightful compensation.

    Contact our Arkansas Workers’ Compensation Lawyer if Your Firm has a Workers’ Compensation Case

    Skill and experience are two essential factors in any profession. The law is broken down into many different branches and most attorneys choose to focus on a limited range of cases. If your practice does not regularly handle workers’ compensation cases, then you should refer your clients to our attorney for workers’ compensation case referrals in Arkansas. Ken Kieklak, Attorney at Law, has been assisting injured workers with their initial claims and appeals for over two decades. Whether it is gathering all the necessary documentation to file a workers’ compensation claim or building a personal injury lawsuit against a negligent third-party, Ken approaches each matter with professionalism and respect. If you refer a client to us, our attorneys and staff will diligently work to protect their legal rights. Call our office at (479) 316-0438 to discuss our referral fees and agreements.