Bentonville McKee Foods Workplace Injury Lawyer

Bentonville McKee Foods Workplace Injury Lawyer

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    McKee Foods in Gentry, AR is the largest employer in that town and one of the largest employers in the Bentonville region.  Many workers from Bentonville and Benton County live nearby and work at McKee Foods, and many of these workers could face on-the-job injuries at work that could jeopardize their paychecks and require expensive medical care.

    Bentonville McKee Foods workplace injury lawyer Ken Kieklak explains how injury victims might be entitled to file lawsuits for their injuries to seek financial compensation after workplace accidents.  For a free legal consultation on your potential case, call Ken Kieklak, Attorney at Law, today at (479) 316-0438.

    Suing for Workplace Injuries at McKee Foods in Bentonville, AR

    If you were injured at work at McKee Foods in Gentry, then your injury case would be filed in Benton County.  The seat of Benton County is indeed Bentonville, where our lawyers can handle your case in the courts and fight to get you the compensation you need.

    However, in order to be able to sue for workplace injuries in Arkansas, you need to meet certain qualifications.  Generally speaking, injured workers in Arkansas are required to file claims through the workers’ comp. system.  Arkansas law demands that workers’ comp. is the “sole remedy” for many injured workers, which means that some workers might be unable to file a lawsuit for their injuries.  However, there are a few exceptions that could allow your case to go to court, where it can potentially yield higher damages for you.

    First off, workers in the agricultural industry are not usually covered by Workers’ Compensation.  This means that, depending on how your work is classified at McKee Foods, you might not be covered.  If, for any reason, your employer does not have workers’ comp. insurance that covers you, that also opens them up to liability in a lawsuit instead of a Workers’ Compensation claim.

    You can also file a lawsuit against your employer for workplace injuries if you are an independent contractor instead of an employee or if the injuries were caused by intentional acts of violence by your employer.  These rules allow people to sue employers even though workers’ comp. is available, potentially opening up additional damages.

    You can also sue for injuries if they were caused by a third party.  That means suing the other driver in a car accident, suing an equipment manufacturer for a malfunction or safety hazard, or suing other people outside your job for mistakes that contributed to injuries at work.

    Damages for Injured McKee Foods Workers in Bentonville, AR Injury Lawsuits

    When you sue for injuries sustained at work at McKee Foods or any other job site, you could be entitled to claim full compensation for any injuries you faced.  This means seeking 100% of the damages you faced for medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering.  Workers’ comp. rules often cover only a portion of some of these damages, attach strings to medical care costs, and fail to cover pain and suffering damages at all.

    When you sue for medical expenses in a workplace injury lawsuit, the defendant can be ordered to pay for the medical bills you already faced as well as potential future medical expenses.  If you can prove that you will need continuing care and you can project the cost of those damages and calculate their present value, you can claim these damages in your case as well.

    Damages for lost wages are important to workers who cannot go back to work because of the injuries they sustained there.  These replacement wages can cover wages you missed during your recovery as well as potential future lost wages.  That means calculating wages you will miss as you continue to recover and calculating the reduced earnings a serious injury could cause.

    Damages for pain and suffering are not based on economic evidence like bills and pay stubs, but rather on your description of your experiences and other testimony about how the injuries affected you and your enjoyment of your life.  These damages can be very high in many cases, potentially making up most of your case.

    Types of Injuries McKee Foods Workers Can Sue for in Bentonville, AR

    As mentioned, some workers are restricted from being able to sue for workplace injuries because of Workers’ Compensation laws in Arkansas.  However, if you are an independent contractor or an agricultural worker who is entitled to sue, you could be entitled to claim damages for a wide range of injuries.

    Many workplace injuries in Arkansas deal with back injuries.  Lifting and carrying, stooping over for extended periods, or falling from heights can all cause substantial injuries to your back and spine.  For many injured workers, back injuries could lead to long-term pain and discomfort that might require time off work to recover.  You could also need ongoing medical care and chiropractic care.

    Injuries from heavy machinery and tools are also not uncommon.  Having a leg caught under a tractor or having a limb caught in the moving parts of a machine could cause devastating injuries to workers.  Contractors dealing with building materials and power tools also often face amputation and serious cuts or crushing injuries from their tools.

    Call Our Bentonville, AR McKee Foods Injury Lawyer for a Free Case Consultation

    Ken Kieklak, Attorney at Law, represents injury victims and their families after serious accidents at work at McKee Foods and other employers in the Bentonville area.  For help with your potential injury case, call our Bentonville McKee Foods workplace injury lawyers for a free legal consultation today with a Fayetteville, AR personal injury lawyer.  Our phone number is (479) 316-0438.