Bentonville Ozark Mountain Poultry Workplace Injury Lawyer

Bentonville Ozark Mountain Poultry Workplace Injury Lawyer

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    Ozark Mountain Poultry is based in Rogers, AR, which puts it in Benton County.  If you or a loved one was injured at work at Ozark Mountain Poultry, any lawsuits you can file for workplace injuries will likely be filed in Bentonville, where our experienced workplace injury lawyer can help you.

    Bentonville Ozark Mountain Poultry workplace injury lawyer Ken Kieklak represents injury victims in the Bentonville and Rogers areas, working to get them the compensation they need after serious injuries.  To discuss your options for compensation and learn more about when you might be able to file a lawsuit to get damages after your on-the-job injury at Ozark Mountain Poultry, call Ken Kieklak, Attorney at Law, today at (479) 316-0438.

    When Can You Sue in Bentonville, AR for Workplace Injuries at Ozark Mountain Poultry?

    Working at Ozark Mountain Poultry carries risks of injury.  While some risks might be no greater than the risks of any other job, certain tasks might carry especially dangerous risks of injury, such as lifting and carrying or climbing to heights on a ladder.  If you are injured, Workers’ Compensation rules might allow you to get damages through Workers’ Compensation insurance at your job, but many workers could be excluded from coverage.  Instead, these workers would have to sue for damages.

    “Agricultural workers” are not included in Workers’ Compensation coverage in Arkansas.  This means that many workers at Ozark Mountain Poultry might be outright excluded from coverage.  While that means you cannot use the no-fault workers’ comp. coverage to get compensation, it does mean you can file a lawsuit for your injuries and potentially claim additional damages against the at-fault party, such as pain and suffering damages.

    Independent contractors are also excluded from coverage.  Workers’ comp. only covers “employees,” so 1099 workers are outside this group and do not get coverage.  However, that means they also preserve their right to sue.

    Victims injured in accidents caused by third parties might still be covered by Workers’ Compensation, but they might be able to sue the third party that injured them instead.  This could mean filing a lawsuit against the manufacturer of a defective piece of equipment or suing someone outside the business for injuries in a car accident or other injuries on the job.

    Lastly, damages for workplace violence are not usually paid by Workers’ Compensation, and so victims of assault at work can often sue their employer or the individual who assaulted them.

    As for when you can sue in Bentonville, specifically, most lawsuits that arise out of events in Benton County will be filed at courts in Bentonville.  That would include nearly any case that occurs at the Rogers Ozark Mountain Poultry plant due to its geographic location.

    Damages from Workplace Injury Lawsuits for Injured Ozark Mountain Poultry Employees

    When you sue Ozark Mountain Poultry or any other employer or at-fault party for injuries in an accident at work, you could be entitled to substantial compensation for your injuries.  Many injuries leave victims in the hospital and could require intensive care in especially serious cases.  Even in more mild cases, victims are sure to face pain and suffering from their injuries – and more severe cases involve more severe pain and suffering.  Lastly, victims often miss time at work, meaning that they also miss wages and potentially lose earning capacity because of their injuries.  Victims can claim damages for all of these areas of compensation.

    Damages for medical care and lost wages are considered “economic” damages because there is usually some clear paper trail of costs associated with these expenses.  Your medical bills provide proof of what the injuries cost you for treatment.  Many future medical bills can also be estimated and projected, and you can claim damages for ongoing care needs as well.  Similarly, lost wages can be calculated with pay stubs, and future lost wages can be estimated as well.  If your injury required you to take another job that pays less because you could no longer handle the physical tasks, you could also be entitled to claim the difference in your old wages and your new wages as “reduced earning capacity” damages.

    The cost of pain and suffering damages is not based on any paperwork or economic records, so these are usually referred to as “noneconomic” damages.  These damages are instead based on your testimony and the story you tell about how these injuries affected your life, how they reduced your enjoyment of activities, how much pain they caused you, and how much mental and emotional distress you faced because of the injuries.

    Proving a Personal Injury Claim for Workplace Injuries at Ozark Mountain Poultry near Bentonville

    Some of these damages are not available through Workers’ Compensation, but you must prove that your employer or whoever else you might be suing was “at fault” before the court can award compensation.  To prove your case, you will need to produce evidence that shows the defendant owed you a duty, and that their breach of that duty caused your injuries.

    Employers need to follow rules for proper safety training, safety equipment, safe workplaces, and other requirements, or else they can be held liable for their lapses in judgment and mistakes in equipping or training employees.  Proving they violated these rules can help you sue them for the damages the injury caused you.

    Call Our Ozark Mountain Poultry Workplace Injury Lawyer in Bentonville for a Free Legal Consultation

    If you were injured in a workplace accident at Ozark Mountain Poultry, call Ken Kieklak, Attorney at Law today.  Our Bentonville Ozark Mountain Poultry workplace injury lawyer can help you and your family get compensation for your injuries and fight to hold your employer or other at-fault parties liable.  For a free case consultation with a Fayetteville, AR personal injury lawyer, call us today at (479) 316-0438.