How is Fault Determined With Multi-Car Accidents in Arkansas?

Car accidents are often some of the most difficult cases to assign fault and liability. Each driver involved will usually have conflicting stories that lay the blame on the other. When multi-vehicle collisions occur, there will be multiple drivers blaming one another. To protect your rights after a crash involving numerous cars, you need our experienced Arkansas multi-car accident lawyers.

When many different potential defendants could be held accountable for an accident, it is critical to gather supporting evidence that at least one of the other drivers is to blame. It is possible, even though you were an injured victim, that other drivers will attempt to show that you were at least partially at fault. If several parties are involved in an accident, you need aggressive legal representation.

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Challenges Presented in Multi-Car Collisions in Arkansas

A multi-vehicle collision occurs when two or more vehicles are involved. In many cases, these collisions take the form of multi-car pile-ups. One driver could carelessly brake or recklessly change lanes, resulting in a cascading effect of collisions and crashes. Because of the number of vehicles and forces involved, these types of accidents are often devastating for some victims. Given the nature of multi-car crashes, one person could suffer minor bruises while another has life-threatening injuries.

Because of how multi-vehicle accidents typically unfold, it is difficult to determine the root cause of the accident or how blame should be apportioned out among all parties involved. There is often a substantial amount of evidence to shift through to figure out who should be held liable. Our Bella Vista car accident attorneys have the experience and resources to unravel the many questions and challenges presented by multi-car collisions.

How is Liability Determined in an Arkansas Multi-Vehicle Car Accident

In an accident involving several cars, liability will be determined much the same way as when only two vehicles are involved. The driver who failed to comply with the duty of care they owed other motorists will likely bear responsibility for any injuries. However, determining who started a domino effect of crashes is not always straightforward. Several motorists could have been behaving carelessly or recklessly. Because every multi-car accident is unique, they often require investigators to figure out what role each driver played.

When many drivers are involved in an accident, they will usually point the finger at everyone else and not admit to any fault. While it might seem obvious that one driver caused the chain of events, it is not always the case. Part of the job of our Arkansas multi-car collision lawyers is to gather and evaluate the available evidence.


One of the critical pieces of evidence used to determine liability in a multi-car accident is testimony from people who witnessed the crash. Impartial observers will typically limit their statements to what they saw happen. Drivers and passengers inside the various vehicles have an interest in proving another person was to blame.

When several eyewitnesses corroborate each other’s testimony, it helps solidify understanding of what occurred. If you are involved in a multi-vehicle collision, it is crucial to gather the names and contact information of any witnesses. While this information could appear on an accident report, it is never a certainty. Especially when people leave the scene of the crash before the police arrive. Our pragmatic Arkansas personal injury attorneys will want to talk to any witnesses as soon as possible – while the events are still fresh in their minds.

The Police Report

If no one else did, you should call the police if you were involved in a multi-vehicle crash. Besides ensuring that the accident scene is secured and medical treatment is provided, law enforcement will file an accident report. The police report will contain valuable information, including the names of the parties involved and attending officers’ initial determination, that our firm could easily access. If there are a number of drivers involved, it might be difficult or impossible for you to collect their information at the scene of the crash.

Pictures or Videos of the Accident Scene

Pictures are a valuable resource in any car accident case. When many cars are involved, photographs allow investigators to see the position of all vehicles involved and the damage they sustained. This information is essential in piecing together the string of events that occurred during the crash. While one person’s actions could have caused the crash, it is possible that other drivers contributed to the crash. Therefore, if it is physically possible, you should take pictures of the entire accident site – including every vehicle and the road conditions. In some cases, a video could be available from a neighboring business or homeowner.

Modified Comparative Negligence and Liability in Arkansas Multi-Car Accidents

In an Arkansas personal injury case, juries and judges follow a modified comparative negligence law. This means that after an accident, a percentage of blame will be assigned to each party involved in the case. If you are awarded any compensation, it could be reduced if you are found to have contributed to the accident. For example, if a jury found your behavior to have been 20% at fault, your compensation award would be reduced by 20%. If your contribution is found to more than 51%, you will be prohibited from receiving any recovery. In multi-car accidents, it is critical to have an attorney working to prove another person was liable while fighting against any allegations that you were at fault.

Our Experienced Arkansas Personal Injury Attorneys Handle Complex Multi-Car Accident Cases

When you are hurt in a car accident, it is essential to have competent legal representation. When the accident involved multiple vehicles, you need an attorney that handles complex cases. Our Fayetteville car accident lawyers have been aggressively representing our clients in challenging ligation for over twenty years. Call (479) 316-0438 to review your rights and legal options.