How Much Settlement Can I Expect after a Hand or Finger Injury in Arkansas?

Workers’ compensation in Arkansas was established to make sure workers injured in work-related accidents receive the medical coverage and replacement wages they need. If you were hurt while at work, you should always report the injury to your employer. Even if you do not believe it is serious, you should report the incident immediately, in case you start to develop symptoms later.

Workers’ compensation was also designed to make the process easier than filing a personal injury lawsuit. Injured workers are not required to prove negligence and typically receive their benefits much faster. Unfortunately, the process is rarely as simple as it appears. Insurance companies will often look to deny or limit claims, especially for finger and hand injuries.

Our Arkansas workers’ comp attorneys are available to help you through the entire process, including filing the initial claim, working with your healthcare providers, and acting as a contact for the insurance company. We could also advise you on whether you should accept a settlement offer instead of monthly benefits. Call (479) 316-0438 if you have injured your hand or finger at work.

Can I Receive Workers’ Comp For a Hand or Finger Injury in Arkansas?

Under Arkansas’ workers’ compensation laws, there is no restriction or limitation on the type of injuries that are covered. The important components are that the injury occurred while you were working and that it prohibits you from working for some time. As long as you can demonstrate that your injury happened during a work-related activity, you should be covered.

However, people make mistakes that could jeopardize their workers’ compensation benefits. The most common one is failing to report the injury as soon as it occurs. You do not want to give your employer or their insurance carrier any grounds to deny your claim. If you do not report the incident when it occurs, it could be reasonably argued that some other event caused your injury.

In Arkansas, you must see an approved doctor. If you receive treatment from your personal physician without going through your employer’s workers’ comp, you also risk having your claim denied. While workers’ comp is meant to be straightforward, it is still advisable to speak with our Fort Smith workers’ comp lawyers if you believe you have a valid claim.

How Much Can I Receive in Workers’ Comp For a Hand or Finger Injury in Arkansas?

The amount and how long you receive benefits depends on the severity of your injury. Typically, all your medical expenses should be covered under your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance.

Workers’ comp in Arkansas usually pays you two-thirds of your normal salary during the benefits period. Hand and finger injuries are listed under Section 11-9-521 of the Arkansas Code. Under the provisions in the code, you could expect to receive the following benefits:

  • Hand amputation – 183 weeks
  • Index finger amputation – 43 weeks
  • Middle finger amputation – 37 weeks
  • Pinky amputation – 19 weeks
  • Ring finger amputation – 24 weeks
  • Thumb amputation – 73 weeks

If you suffer a partial amputation, you will receive half of the normal compensation. A partial amputation is considered an amputation from the first joint down to the tip of the finger.

Amputations Versus Lost Function in Hand and Finger Injuries?

Having a hand or finger amputated could have a significant impact on your life. First, you will have to undergo surgery followed by a long period of physical and mental recovery. Many injured workers who lose a limb require long-term medical care. In some cases, a person will require rehabilitation to relearn basic life skills, especially if they lost their entire hand.

If you have only lost some function in your hand or finger, you could be able to perform your required job duties. This might not be the case if you had your hand or fingers amputated. Having our experienced Johnson workers’ compensation lawyers advocating for you will likely increase your benefits.

Should I Accept a Settlement for a Hand or Finger Injury?

A settlement could seem like a much-needed windfall after losing income due to a hand or finger injury. Sometimes an injured worker would rather have a lump sum payment instead of monthly payments. Insurance carriers might also prefer this, especially if it saves them a significant amount of money over the length of your injury.

Workers’ Comp is meant to cover your complete medical costs and a percentage of your lost income from anyway from six months to the rest of your life, depending on the severity of your injury. While many people who suffer a hand or finger injury will be able to return to work in a relatively short period of time, some injuries are much more severe, permanently limiting the use of an individual’s hand or fingers.

You do not want to agree to a settlement until you have reached your maximum medical improvement. Otherwise, it is possible that you will require additional treatment that will not be covered under the settlement agreement. Once you accept a settlement, you release your employer and their insurance provider of all further liability related to your injury. It is crucial to speak with our Rogers workers’ compensation lawyers before accepting any offer.

Should I Contact a Workers’ Comp Attorney About a Hand or Finger Injury?

There are many reasons why you want to contact our experienced Springdale workers’ compensation lawyers if you have hurt your hand or fingers at work. First, we will work with the insurance company and complete the required forms so you can concentrate on healing. Additionally, our office will also investigate your accident to determine if a third party could be sued in addition to your workers’ comp claim. Call (479) 316-0438 today.