How to Get a Police Report After a Car Accident in Rogers, AR

Reporting car accidents to local law enforcement is crucial in Rogers. When victims do this, officers will create a collision report, which we can refer to when preparing their lawsuits.

You can get the collision report after your accident in Rogers by contacting the Rogers Police Department or the Arkansas State Police, which is the statewide resource for accident reports. Often, having the number for the accident report makes obtaining it easier, so ask for this number from police officers at the scene. Police reports often contain much information that might help victims’ claims, such as basic information about the crash, involved parties’ names and insurance information, and eyewitnesses’ contact details. Though inadmissible in court, these reports can help our lawyers prepare victims’ claims in Rogers, so obtaining them is crucial.

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How Can Victims Get Police Reports for Car Accidents in Rogers, AR?

Victims can get accident reports by contacting either the Rogers Police Department or the Arkansas State Police. Both agencies offer accident reports that can be downloaded online.

Rogers Police Department

Victims can download a collision report from the Rogers Police Department online from After you go to this website, you will need to select the state where the accident happened, Arkansas, and the jurisdiction, the Rogers Police Department. You can then input the report number, your last name and the date of the accident, or your last name and the location of the accident. The website will then locate your report, and if it is ready, you can purchase and download it.

In addition to providing digital reports to victims, the Rogers Police Department may give you your report when you go there in person. If you take this route, you will have to provide information similar to that for in-person requests as you do for online requests.

Arkansas State Police

The Arkansas State Police pools accident reports from local police departments throughout Arkansas. Within ten days of a crash in Rogers, the responding police officers should complete the report and file it with the Arkansas State Police. Once that is done, you can download the report from the online portal for a fee of $10.

If the accident happened one of the highways in or near Rogers, like Route 71 or I-49, the Arkansas State Police might respond to the accident. In that case, you would get the report from the Arkansas State Police instead of the Rogers Police Department.

How to Get Your Police Report Number for an Accident in Rogers, AR

Police reports have corresponding numbers, making it easier for police department staff to locate them. Officers should give you this number at the collision scene in Rogers.

Before you leave the accident location to go to the emergency room, ask for the police report number from law enforcement on the scene. When you eventually try to retrieve your report, you could provide the report number instead of other information about the accident, like the date, location, or time.

If you do not have the police report number, whether because you misplaced it, forgot it, or because officers failed to give it to you at the scene, there is no need for panic. Our Rogers, AR car accident lawyers can help you locate and obtain your report, regardless of if you have the number, though that can make it easier.

What Information Do Police Reports for Car Accidents Have in Rogers, AR?

Police reports contain various pieces of information that might help you in your recovery. Though, we cannot submit the report as evidence in your future lawsuit, we can refer to it when initially building your claim in Rogers.

Basic Accident Information

Police officers fill out accident reports to document crashes in Arkansas. These reports have various sections, such as sections about the accident’s location, date, and time. Furthermore, there is a section for crash factors and contributing causes, where officers can fill in the reason for the crash based on information gathered at the scene. Law enforcement will also note the weather at the time of the crash and the road conditions in case they could be contributing causes. Officers might also take photos or gather supplemental materials and attach that information to the final police report.

Reading a police report can be challenging for victims because they are complicated and somewhat difficult to comprehend. Our attorneys can fully review the accident report, identify information that might help your case, and check it for accuracy.

Involved Parties’ Information

Officers will write the names and information of the involved parties at the top of the accident report. Officers can get the negligent driver’s insurance details and include them in the accident report, which can help us learn this information, especially if you were too injured to exchange insurance details with the negligent driver immediately following the accident.

Officers will also note whether or not either party sustained injuries in the accident, so be sure to speak with them and report any injuries you sustained during the crash.

Eyewitnesses’ Information

While processing an accident scene in Rogers, police officers may speak to eyewitnesses. If they do, they may note eyewitnesses’ information in the police report. This can be especially useful to our attorneys, often in instances where victims were unable to get eyewitnesses’ contact information themselves because of serious injury. After we contact eyewitnesses, we can interview them to collect their statements. Eyewitness testimony can be especially compelling in car accident claims and might tip the scales in your favor in Rogers.

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