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Identifying Northwest Arkansas’ Commercial Trucking Accidents for the First Months of 2015


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While the highways and roadways of northwest Arkansas generally provide a safe and efficient way to travel, accidents can and do occur. One of the reasons for these accidents is the significant amount of commercial retail goods that are transported via large semi-trailers. Commercial vehicles and individual motorists must respect each other and share the highways and roadways. When they do not, serious and often catastrophic accidents can occur.

In this piece we will briefly examine a few of the major accidents involving tractor trailers and other large commercial trucks in the Norwest Arkansas area. By examining these accidents we hope that we can inform motorists of potential hazardous areas so that they can be on guard to protect against the potential increased danger. And if you have already suffered a serious accident due to a dangerous or careless eighteen-wheeler or other large vehicles, Fayetteville AR personal injury lawyer Ken Kieklak may be able to fight for compensation for your injuries on your behalf.

 Semi-Truck Accident Involving Four Trucks Kills One, Injures Two

In a major accident occurring on Interstate 49 in Washington County, south of Fayetteville on February 25th, 2015. According to police reports the accident occurred at mile marker 57 near Greenland, Arkansas. A Volvo semi-trailer was traveling northbound. Just before about 10 p.m. the truck ran off the road and struck the highway median. The driver apparently attempted to take corrective action, but he overcorrected. Due to the driver’s overcorrection the semi-trailer overturned and spilled its cargo onto the roadway.

A truck was following behind the overturned trailer slowed to avoid the upcoming hazard. Unfortunately another commercial truck following even further behind did not perceive the danger ahead. This truck slammed into the back of the stopped vehicle. Then, a fourth truck rear-ended the  third truck.

In all, two suffered severe injuries in the crash – the driver who overcorrected and overturned his trailer and the wife of the driver of the fourth trailer. The driver of the fourth tractor-trailer was killed upon impact.

This accident shows the necessity of maintaining an alert state and proper following distance when driving. Being alert allows one to perceive unexpected roadway hazards. Maintaining a safe following distance permits a driver the necessary time to adjust should there be a hazard or obstacle to avoid.

Semitrailer Ignites after Collision with Car

In mid-February a collision between a commercial truck and a passenger car resulted in a shutdown of Route 22 in Sebastian County near Fort Smith. The driver of the passenger car apparently lost control of his vehicle causing it to cross the center line on Arkansas 22. After crossing the center line, the passenger car slammed into an Old Dominion freight truck that was traveling in the opposite direction.

The roadway was shutdown because after the collision, the cab of the semi-truck caught fire. While firefighters responded to the roadside fire, a nurse who had witnessed the accident was able to pull the driver of the care from his totaled vehicle. According to the nurse, the man was in critical condition. He was transported to Fort Smith’s Mercy Medical Center for his injuries.

Injured in a commercial vehicle accident in Arkansas?

If you have suffered severe injuries or the loss of a loved one due to a careless commercial driver or due to a defective truck, the Law Practice of Ken Kieklak may be able to fight for compensation on your behalf. For more than 20 years our firm has worked with people injured in serious accidents due to carelessness or neglect on the part of the other driver. We understand the pain, suffering and frustration you are going through and we will fight strategically and aggressively for you.  To schedule a free and confidential initial legal consultation, call (479) 316-0438 today or contact us online.

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