Huntsville, AR Car Accident Lawyer

Huntsville, AR Car Accident Lawyer

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    Harmful crashes regularly happen on highways, city streets, and rural roads across Huntsville, AR. Victims of these accidents can sustain injuries that severely impact their abilities to work and enjoy their lives. Thankfully, negligent drivers can be held accountable for the car accident injuries they cause.

    Still, the process of obtaining payment for your car accident injuries can be complex and tiresome. You must gather evidence to prove that your collision happened because of the other drivers’ conduct. However, they may be reluctant to accept responsibility for the accident. Furthermore, their insurance company may hire a team of investigators to dispute important elements of your claim.

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    Proving Fault for Your Car Accident in Huntsville, AR

    In order for your car accident lawsuit to succeed, you must gather evidence that shows that your crash occurred as the result of the defendant’s negligence. There are several types of evidence that can be used. However, the parties in control of this evidence may not want to cooperate. Accordingly, you may require assistance from our car accident lawyers to recover the information you need.

    Evidence from the Scene

    First, evidence collected at the scene of your crash can be used. Photos taken at the scene can be used to establish contributing factors and disprove the defendant’s arguments. You should always attempt to take pictures at the scene of your accident if you can. Physical evidence from the scene can also be helpful. For example, broken parts from the defendant’s vehicle can identify them as the at-fault motorist. Also, open bottles of alcohol found at the scene can be used to prove that the other driver was drunk when your collision happened.

    Witness Statements

    Witness statements are another very valuable type of evidence that can be used to support your lawsuit. After suffering an accident, you should try to exchange contact information with eyewitnesses if possible. Eyewitnesses can offer both written and oral statements that explain why the defendant is liable for your accident. Additionally, expert witness statements may be utilized. Expert witnesses are people who have completed the requisite experience, training, and education in their respective fields. They are called on to explain complex theories of fault. For instance, an accident reconstruction expert can effectively demonstrate how a negligent motorist caused a crash at an intersection.

    Surveillance Camera Footage

    Footage from private surveillance cameras are also a potential source of evidence. Doorbell cameras and home security cameras often capture the moments that unfold before, during, and after collisions on residential streets. Furthermore, many motorists’ vehicles are equipped with dash cameras that can potentially videotape devastating accidents. Finally, for collisions that happen in parking lots and along storefronts, security cameras from nearby businesses may be used to identify at-fault parties.

    Accident Reports

    After any collision that results in an injury, a police officer should visit the scene to create an accident report. These reports can provide useful information that helps prove which driver is at fault. They are often among the first pieces of information assessed by insurance companies and lawyers when determining who is to blame. For example, these reports can provide witness statements, crash diagrams, and officers’ personal notes regrading accidents’ sources.

    Filing a Car Accident Case in Huntsville, AR

    There are multiple conditions that must be satisfied when filing your car accident case. First and foremost, you have to file your lawsuit on time. The time window for bringing your car accident claim to court is governed by Ark. Code. § 16-56-105. Generally, your case must be filed within 3 years of the date your crash occurred. However, there are some exceptions to the standard, 3-year time limit. For instance, if an accident victim was under 21 when they suffered their collision, then the 3-year time limit for filing their case will not begin to count down until they turn 21. Unfortunately, if you miss the deadline for filing your car accident lawsuit, then it is unlikely that you will be able to obtain compensation for your injuries.

    In addition to complying with the statute of limitations, there are several additional requirements you must adhere to when filing your car accident lawsuit. For instance, you have to bring your case to the right court, attach supporting documents, pay filing fees, serve the defendant, and ensure that you are filing a complete claim. If any of these conditions are not satisfied, you may have to file your lawsuit again. Therefore, it may be helpful to file your case early so you have time to refile if you must.

    How to Pay for Your Car Accident Lawyer in Huntsville, AR

    You may be able to pay for your car accident lawyer by entering into a contingency fee agreement. This is a unique payment arrangement between you and your lawyer that allows them to begin working on your case without you paying anything upfront. Rather, under this type of payment agreement, you will only pay for legal services if your case is successful. Your attorney’s fees will be paid for with a percentage of the monetary damages you are awarded. Usually, this percentage is 33%. However, this amount can be lower or higher depending on the circumstances surrounding your claim.

    Contingency fee agreements can be beneficial for both our attorneys and out clients. Our clients may acquire experienced legal representation without worrying about paying for unsuccessful cases. Additionally, our lawyers are incentivized to fight for the most amount of payment available in every case. During your free case review, our team can further explain how your contingency fee agreement will be structured.

    Car Crash Victims in Huntsville, AR Can Reach Out to Our Attorneys for Help

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