Huntsville, AR Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Huntsville, AR Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

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    Motorcycle crashes are prone to causing severe harm. Riders often sustain catastrophic injuries when they are struck by other vehicles and when they make impact with ground. Unfortunately, many collisions happen because drivers were acting negligently.

    Accidents regularly happen because motorists drive distracted, travel at illegal speeds, and disobey traffic signals. If your motorcycle crash is the result of another driver’s negligence, then you may be able to pursue payment for the damages you sustained.

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    Steps to Take After Suffering a Motorcycle Accident in Huntsville, AR

    There are actions you may take in the aftermath of your motorcycle crash that can ease your road to recovery and enhance your chances of recovering financial compensation. Still, the process for acquiring payment from another driver can be complex. Assistance from our motorcycle accident attorneys can be very beneficial when navigating the path to monetary damages.

    The primary concern after your accident should be seeking medical treatment for the harm you suffered. 911 should be called after any motorcycle accident that causes an injury. If you require emergency medical attention, then the dispatcher can send an ambulance to the scene. If your injuries do not require immediate care, you should still see a doctor as soon as you can. Medical documentation of your injuries will be necessary to support your claim against another driver. Additionally, if you wait too long to see a physician, then the defendant and their insurance company may argue that you were not seriously hurt.

    Also, it will be helpful to exchange information with other parties to your accident. Contact and insurance information should be obtained from the other driver. Furthermore, it will be helpful to exchange contact information with potential eyewitnesses. Eyewitnesses can provide testimony that explains why the other motorist is to blame for your collision.

    You should also take photos and videos at the scene of your accident if you can. This evidence may be used to show who is at fault for your crash. For example, photos from the scene showing your badly damages motorcycle can help prove that the other driver was speeding when they struck you. Additionally, photos and videos from the scene may be used to discredit the defendant’s argument. If they suggest that your crash was caused by poor weather conditions as opposed to their negligence, then a photo from the scene depicting clear weather could be utilized to disprove their assertion.

    Finally, you should call our law firm as soon as possible after your accident. Our team can review your potential lawsuit and determine the appropriate course of action.

    What Happens if Your Motorcycle Crash was Partially Your Fault Huntsville, AR?

    If your motorcycle crash was partially your fault, you may still be able to recover financial compensation. However, the amount you recover can be limited.

    Courts in Arkansas will use the rules of modified comparative fault when apportioning damages in motorcycle accident cases. In other words, damages are awarded based on each party’s degree of fault. As an example, if you are 25% to blame for your accident while the other driver is 75% liable, then they will have to pay for 75% of the damages you suffered while you are left to account for the leftover 25%. However, if your percentage of fault equals 50% or more, then you will be unable to file a lawsuit against the other driver.

    Do You Have to Go to Trial to Recover Payment for Your Motorcycle Accident Injuries in Huntsville, AR?

    In most motorcycle accident cases, defendants will present plaintiffs with settlement offers before going to trial. If you enter into a settlement agreement in your case, then the defendant will pay you the agreed-upon amount of compensation and your claim will be voluntarily dismissed. There are benefits to settling before trial. For example, by settling early, you can save on expenses like witness fees, filing fees, and transportation costs. Additionally, if you accept a settlement offer then you may acquire payment sooner.

    Unfortunately, defendants and their insurance companies regularly try to settle motorcycle accident claims for less than they are worth. If you are not presented with an acceptable settlement offer, then you will have to go to trial to obtain the damages you deserve. The risk being that you may receive nothing if your case is unsuccessful.

    Common Causes of Motorcycle Crashes in Huntsville, AR

    Many motorcycle crashes happen because of drivers’ negligence. There are many types of careless and reckless behavior that can cause harmful collisions. Still, there are certain causes that arise more frequently than others.

    Distracted driving is a very common source of motorcycle accidents. Drivers can become distracted by any activity that takes their eyes off the road, hands off the wheel, or attention away from the task of driving. Common activities that distract motorists include texting, looking at GPS devices, and talking with other passengers. If your accident happened because another driver was distracted, you may be entitled to financial compensation.

    Motorcycle accidents also occur because drivers disobey traffic signs and signals. For instance, many riders are struck by motorists who commit illegal lane changes. Additionally, a high number of intersection accidents occur because drivers run red lights and make improper left turns. Thankfully, drivers who disobey traffic signals can be sued for collisions they cause.

    Drunk driving is another common cause of motorcycle crashes in Huntsville. While drunk, drivers exhibit careless decision-making abilities, blurry vision, and slow reaction times. Accordingly, they are prone to committing careless maneuvers that lead to devastating accidents.

    Lastly, motorcycle accidents often happen because drivers travel at excessive speeds. While speeding, motorists may have trouble controlling their vehicles and braking when cars in front of them slow down.

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