Paragould, AR Personal Injury Lawyer

Paragould, AR Personal Injury Lawyer

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    When victims sustain injuries caused by negligence in Paragould, they may be able to sue the responsible party for compensatory damages. Our lawyers can help you file your case on time and prove the defendant’s fault for your injuries.

    Personal injuries sustained by victims might vary from fairly minor to extremely severe. For example, in a rear-end accident, a victim might sustain whiplash injuries which might not be as serious as traumatic brain injuries. That said, even minor injuries like whiplash might get worse if left untreated. Following an accident that causes you injury, you should obtain documents related to the incident. This might include the police report and your medical records, among other documentation of the accident. Such information can enable our attorneys to build a strong case that we can file well within the statute of limitations for injury claims in Arkansas, which is three years. After filing your claim, we can help you navigate settlement negotiations or proceed with a trial if necessary.

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    Types of Personal Injuries in Paragould, AR

    Victims might sustain personal injuries any time another person acts negligently or recklessly, causing an accident in Paragould. Understanding the types of injuries most commonly sustained in specific accidents can help victims determine whether or not they have a case.

    Perhaps the most common cause of personal injuries in Paragould and elsewhere is auto accidents. Even in minor collisions between vehicles, victims might sustain soft tissue injuries like whiplash, which often require medical treatment. Other mild injuries sustained by victims might include lacerations, bruising, and sprains.

    More serious personal injuries often call for victims to file lawsuits as the sheer expense of medical treatment might be extreme. For example, falls from balconies because property owners failed to secure railings might lead to broken bones or spinal cord injuries. When struck by larger vehicles, motorcyclists might be flung from their vehicles, causing them to suffer injuries like road rash, traumatic brain injuries, and other, possibly fatal, injuries.

    With physical injuries often comes emotional struggles. For example, suppose a victim was injured because a defective product they were using exploded, causing them to sustain injuries that resulted in permanent disfigurement. In that case, the victim would likely experience considerable pain and suffering due to their specific injuries. This could allow the victim to recover compensation for non-economic damages in a personal injury lawsuit in Paragould.

    Obtaining Documents Relevant to Your Personal Injury Claim in Paragould, AR

    When preparing a lawsuit in Paragould, it is vital that victims obtain all documents and materials that are relevant to a claim. This may include police reports, communications with the negligent party, and the victim’s medical records, among other documentation.

    In Arkansas, investigative reports completed by police are considered hearsay, making them inadmissible in court. Still, such documentation of an accident, whether it be a car crash or a slip and fall, can allow our personal injury lawyers to gain a fuller understanding of the sequence of events and details of the incident. To get a copy of the police report for your accident, you can go to the Paragould Police Department in person.

    If you did not call the police but reported the accident directly to the negligent party, give a copy of such communication to our lawyers. For example, if you were hurt in a retail store and completed an incident report on-site, request a copy so that we can have it for our records.

    We will also need to gather information pertaining to your injuries, which will be documented in your medical records. You can request such documentation from the healthcare professionals who treated you for your injuries. Such information can allow us to track your physical recovery and serve as the basis of your injury claim in Paragould.

    Filing Your Paragould, AR Personal Injury Lawsuit on Time

    Before entering into litigation for an injury caused by negligence in Paragould, victims should confer with our lawyers to know what to expect from the process. For example, civil claims are held to strict filing deadlines, and victims must provide certain information to the court when initiating a claim.

    First of all, you must know the statute of limitations for your case. This is the timeframe during which you can file a lawsuit. According to Ark. Code. § 16-56-105, victims have three years from when an accident occurs to bring a claim. As with many states, Arkansas provides exceptions to the statute of limitations in cases where a victim was unaware of their injuries until later. In such cases, the clock would begin to count down on the day of discovery. Filing your case on time is of the utmost importance, as missing the deadline for any reason could cause your lawsuit to be dismissed.

    Before officially initiating your lawsuit, our lawyers will ensure we have sufficient evidence to meet the standard of proof applied to the case. Then, we can submit a petition to the court, identify the defendant in your case, and start the litigation process. After you file your lawsuit, you could be approached by the defendant in hopes that you will settle. Carefully evaluating settlement offers against our assessment of your total damages will be crucial. Like attempting to file past the statute of limitations, if you accept a settlement offer, you will be barred from future recovery. This will likely be the case, even if you realize you require additional compensation at a later date. If the defendant cannot be convinced to settle at an amount that accurately reflects your losses, we can proceed with a trial in Paragould.

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