Russellville, AR Car Accident Lawyer

Russellville, AR Car Accident Lawyer

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    A car accident can turn your world upside down, sometimes quite literally. When a car accident happens, many problems arise in the aftermath that you have to deal with. You could have to pay for repairs to your vehicle, which can easily increase in cost as mechanics find more and more damage during the repair process. If the damage to your vehicle is too severe, it can be totaled, and you might have to pay for a new vehicle. More importantly, car accidents often result in serious injuries to drivers and passengers. Costs of medical treatment and recovery can easily reach hundreds of thousands of dollars after a car accident. If you do not take action, you could be stuck paying for your injuries yourself.

    You should not have to bear the burden of dealing with injuries caused by someone else’s negligence. Our experienced attorneys have represented many plaintiffs injured in car accidents, and we will fight hard to get you the financial compensation you deserve. We can work with you to address your specific needs and get you the best outcome possible after a car accident.

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    Damages You Can Sue for in a Russellville, AR Car Accident Lawsuit

    In any personal injury lawsuit, the plaintiff alleges that the defendant caused their injuries and consequently owes them damages. For that reason, you need to specify what injuries you are basing your damages on. When you discuss your case with our car accident lawyers, we will go over the facts of your accident and figure out what damages you are claiming in your lawsuit.

    Medical Bills and Expenses

    One of the most common items to request damages for in a car accident lawsuit is medical bills and expenses. Emergency medical care, surgeries, and longer-term recovery procedures can quickly add up to enormous costs. Evidence in support of these damages includes medical records of procedures to treat your injuries and invoices from hospitals and other treatment facilities. These damages and other damages supported by evidence like receipts and medical bills are called economic damages.

    One of the reasons you might need to sue is to get insurance to pay for these damages. Arkansas is what is known as an “at-fault” state. This means that the insurance of the party who is “at fault” fault for the accident pays damages in a car accident. Insurance companies are, understandably, not in the business of admitting fault for every accident. You may need to establish liability in court to get the defendant’s insurance to compensate you.

    Lost Wages and Future Income

    Another economic item you can be compensated for as damages is lost wages or income. For example, if you had to spend months undergoing surgeries and participating in physical therapy, you likely had to take some time off of work to focus fully on recovering from your injuries. The court can award you damages based on the income you would have had if you were not injured. One of the purposes of damages in a car accident lawsuit is to bring the plaintiff to where they would be if they were not in an accident. Recouping lost income is one of the ways that can be accomplished.

    In addition to lost wages, you can also be compensated for lost future income under certain circumstances. For example, if you can no longer work because your injuries make it impossible, the court can award you damages based on what you would expect to earn for the rest of your career had you not been injured. Similarly, if you had to take a less lucrative job because of your injuries, the court could compensate you for the difference in income between your prior job and the new one.

    Lost Independence and Enjoyment of Life

    Concepts like “enjoyment of life” are less concrete than medical bills or income. There is no invoice for “fun.” Despite that, you can still be awarded compensation for more abstract damages, called “non-economic damages.”

    Even after successful medical treatment, you might be unable to do certain activities because of permanent injuries. In severe cases, you could require permanent medical aid to do certain basic tasks. The inability to do things on your own does not have a price tag, but nevertheless, you can factor lost independence into your request for non-economic damages.

    Similarly, if you can no longer do an activity you enjoyed because of your injuries, you can be compensated by the court. For example, if you used to enjoy rock climbing but can no longer do that activity because of your injuries, you could be awarded damages because you can no longer participate in that activity.

    Pain and Suffering

    Pain and suffering is another category of non-economic damages you can recover in a car accident lawsuit. Injuries hurt, and you can be awarded damages for the pain you experienced in your car accident.

    Calculating Damages in a Russellville, AR Car Accident Lawsuit

    You need to determine the amount of damages you are asking for in your car accident lawsuit. Economic damages are generally the most straightforward to calculate since their value is based on tangible things. You can simply present evidence of your medical treatment and how much it costs.

    For non-economic damages, you and our lawyers will have to devise a method to determine how much they are worth. One common way to do this is to multiply your economic damages. The idea is that your non-economic damages are longer-lasting and, therefore, worth more.

    Another way to calculate non-economic damages is the “per diem” or “per day” method. This way of calculating non-economic takes into account the pain, suffering, and discomfort you experience from your injuries each day.

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