Russellville, AR Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

Russellville, AR Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

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    Experiencing nursing home abuse is an extremely difficult and traumatic situation for both residents and their loved ones. Although abuse is typically considered a criminal offense, it is also possible to file a lawsuit for damages related to nursing home abuse in civil court.

    Detecting nursing home abuse can be difficult as it comes in many forms. Abuse can be physical, financial, emotional, or other types of mistreatment. You have the right to receive compensation if your loved one is a victim of nursing home abuse. To confirm your suspicions, there are several signs to look for.

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    Common Signs of Nursing Home Abuse in Russellville, AR

    Although perpetrators of abuse frequently attempt to hide their actions, recognizable signs often exist if you are aware of what to observe. Unexplained shifts in the behavior or demeanor of your loved one might potentially indicate they are enduring abuse. Fortunately, our nursing home abuse attorneys can help you get justice for the harm your loved one has suffered. The following are the most common signs that you or your loved one has been the victim of nursing home abuse in Russellville:

    Bruising and Unexplained Injuries

    It is important to pay attention to any bruises or injuries you notice when visiting a loved one, as it could be a sign of abuse. Although bruises are common in older individuals, there is usually a reason for them. However, if you observe physical abuse signs like cuts or scratches, there might be no reasonable explanation, and should not be disregarded.

    Financial Abuse

    If you observe that your loved one’s financial situation is changing in a way that does not align with their usual behavior, it could be a sign of financial exploitation. Sometimes, a resident might not even be aware that they are being financially abused, especially if a staff member or another resident is stealing their belongings or if the nursing home is misusing funds intended for your loved one. If your loved one expresses a desire to alter their will or make other financial decisions, it is important to be cautious, as it could be a symptom of financial abuse. Our team of nursing home abuse attorneys can assist you or your loved one in investigating any signs of abuse that you might have noticed.

    Mood Swings and Behavior Changes

    An abrupt alteration in a resident’s behavior often serves as an indicator of potential abuse. They might exhibit mood fluctuations previously uncharacteristic of them. This could present itself in the form of heightened anxiety, anger, or depression. Alternatively, the abused individual might become increasingly introverted and hesitant to engage in conversation.

    Common Types of Nursing Home Abuse that Happens in Russellville, AR

    Abuse is often associated with physical or sexual harm, but it can manifest in many different ways. When it comes to nursing homes, older residents might be vulnerable to various forms of abuse. Abuse can take on many different forms, even if it is not always immediately apparent. The following are the most common forms of nursing home abuse typically committed in Russellville:

    Physical Abuse

    Many people think of physical abuse when they hear the word abuse, and unfortunately, nursing home residents often experience this type of mistreatment. Physical abuse occurs when someone is subjected to physical violence, such as hitting, choking, or being forcefully dragged. It is possible for the abuse to be inflicted by a staff member at the nursing home, but it could also be perpetrated by another resident. Regardless of who is responsible, remember that physical abuse is never acceptable, and the perpetrator can be held accountable for their actions.


    Neglect is a frequent form of abuse that occurs in nursing homes. Unlike other types of mistreatment, neglect happens when nursing homes or staff members fail to act appropriately. Neglect can lead to harm even if it was not intentionally done, and those responsible can still be held liable. Neglect is often the result of nursing homes being careless or inattentive due to poor management, inadequate staff training, or a lack of resources to meet residents’ needs. Examples of neglect include not providing adequate food or water, leaving residents alone for extended periods, ignoring residents’ complaints, failing to administer medications, and improperly cleaning residents or their living quarters.

    Emotional Abuse

    Emotional abuse is a type of cruelty that is more subtle in nature but just as prevalent as other forms. In fact, it might be the most frequent form of abuse as it can happen very quickly and consistently, making it difficult for victims to recognize it as abuse. If you have experienced threats, humiliation, or harassment, you might be a victim of emotional abuse. It is common for those who have suffered emotional abuse to feel confused and hurt, and they often refrain from taking action due to fear of the consequences.

    Financial Abuse

    Financial exploitation is regrettably a common occurrence in nursing homes located in Russellville. Certain individuals do not hesitate to take advantage of the vulnerable residents of these facilities. There are various ways in which financial abuse can take place. For example, a nursing home might charge a resident for goods or services they did not receive. Alternatively, a staff member or fellow resident might coerce a resident into using their credit cards or transferring money to their personal bank account. It is crucial to safeguard nursing home residents from financial scams, whether they originate from an external source or are carried out by someone from within the facility.

    Sexual Abuse

    In the event that a resident experiences sexual abuse while residing in a nursing home, a lawsuit can be pursued to get justice for the harm they have suffered. Sexual abuse encompasses any unwanted sexual contact, such as inappropriate touching or fondling, that occurs without the victim’s permission. It is important to note that sexual abuse can occur without physical contact as well. If a resident is coerced into undressing or engaging in other sexually inappropriate behaviors, the perpetrator can be held accountable.

    Statute of Limitations to File a Nursing Home Abuse Lawsuit in Russellville, AR

    It is important to be aware of the statute of limitations when it comes to filing a car accident lawsuit in Russellville. The time limit for victims to take legal action in a nursing home abuse case is three years from the date of the abuse, according to Ark. Code. § 16-56-105. The clock starts ticking on the date that the cause of action accrues. For instance, if the abuse took place on June 10, 2023, you would have until June 10, 2026, to file your claim in the appropriate court.

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