Washington County, AR Construction Injury Lawyer

Washington County, AR Construction Injury Lawyer

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    As a safe, responsible construction worker, you understand the dangers of your work site. You take the proper precautions, wear the right safety equipment and never take unnecessary risks that violate site safety protocols. According to U.S. government statistics tracked at the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were 4,547 fatal work injuries in 2010,751 of which occurred within the construction industry.

    Ken Kieklak, Attorney at Law has given his attention to many person injury construction accident cases and has helped his clients recover millions of dollars from work-related injury claims and cases.

    Causes of Construction Accidents

    Working in a construction site can be very dangerous to your safety and well being there are a number of various ways that even the safest worker can be injured and suffer serious injuries when working on a construction site.  The Bureau of Labor Statistics has reported that our of every one hundred workers who are employed in the construction industry more than four of them will experience a work related injury every year.  If you have been injured in a construction accident or suffered any catastrophic injury, Ken Kieklak can help you.

    Common construction site accidents include:

    • Scaffolding falls
    • Electric shocks
    • Burns
    • Chemical spills
    • Explosions
    • Crane accidents
    • Falling materials, such as rock or brick
    • Head, neck and spinal cord injuries

    Some injuries are caused by pure negligence and inattention to details of safety regulations. If a contractor neglects to adequately mark dangerous areas, not follow OSHA and landowner rules or not provide safety equipment like protective railings, safe ladders and scaffolding, they are probably liable for injuries that occur. Most bodily harm in construction accidents happens to workers’ spines, backs and trunks.

    Legal Cases for Construction Site Injuries

    Over the past decade our law firm has helped victims seek recovery for all types of construction accidents. If you have been injured in a construction site accident, construction accident attorney Ken Kieklak may be able to help.

    Construction accident litigation is usually quite complicated, as there are a number of different parties who can usually be said to possess some liability for your accident. That’s why choosing the experienced, proven personal injury lawyers at The is so important.

    Workers’ Compensation – When a construction worker has been injured on the job one of their first question is if they can file a workers compensation claim.   However, it is not always easy for a worker to win a workers compensation case.

    Product liability – Construction workers are exposed to dangerous conditions every time they step onto the construction site. There are sharp tools, powerful equipment, and devices that are necessary for the safety of a construction worker. Liability in a construction accident may rest with an equipment manufacturer, a supplier, a contractor, or a construction company manager or the landowner. There are many parties that cooperate in building projects.

    Personal injury – In some instances you may be entitled to filing a personal injury case against your employer. Many times a personal injury case is brought under the theory of negligence. In these cases the worker alleges that there was negligent supervision, hiring, or negligent construction

    Wrongful death – A wrongful death occurs when a construction worker loses their life because of another negligence or recklessness.

    While injuries are common on a construction site and can happen relatively easy, it is not always easy to establish liability in a construction injury. Many construction companies are large and have a team of attorneys on their side. However, do not let this intimidate you. If you have been injured or suffered a loss because of another’s wrongful conduct we are here to fight for you.

    What Should You Do if You Are in a Construction Accident?

    If a worker is injured in a construction accident they should:

    Get prompt medical attention for the injury – Do not wait to seek medical treatment for your injury. Waiting to see a medial professional for an injury may only make the injury worse, and can negatively affect your ability to make a claim.

    Report the injury to the employer or manager – Some workers are hesitant to make a report after an accident on a construction site, however, when you are involved in an accident on a construction site, you should always report your injuries so that there is a documented report of the accident. In addition, you should note the manager or the person you make the report to.

    Get accounts and information from any witnesses – Because there are normally many people on a construction site, there are commonly witnesses to the accident. It is important to talk to the people who saw the accident have their report of the accident.

    Take photographs of the injury, scene of the injury, and any equipment involved – Taking photos of the scene and of the equipment that was involved can be important for your case. In many cases after an accident the manager or site operator will clean up or hide the dangerous condition that caused the accident.

    If you have been injured on a work-site a construction accident attorney may be able to help you receive the compensation and help that you need.  Ken Kieklak has experience helping workers recover for their medical expenses, lost wages, scarring and disfigurement, and their pain and suffering.

    Contact a Washington County Construction Accident Attorney to Learn More About Legal Options

    If you or a loved one has been hurt by the negligence or careless actions of another party, you do not have to suffer with the consequences on your own.  You may be able to seek compensatory damages.  To speak with an experienced Fayetteville, Arkansas personal injury attorney, call Ken Kieklak, Attorney at Law at (479) 316-0438, or contact us online.