Washington County, AR Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Washington County, AR Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

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    Washington County is home to many famous and infamous routes of travel. The Ozark Trail, Butterfield Overland Mail route, and the Trail of Tears are but a few of the historical routes that pass through the county. Today, Washington County and Fayetteville are one of the more populous areas of Arkansas. A robust road transportation network has developed to serve the needs of the population. Interstate 49 makes-up the county’s principal connecting highway and there are plans to connect New Orleans with Kansas City via I-49. Other major roadways in the are include I-40, US 62, US 412, US 71, Highway 16 and many others.

    Washington County presents a unique and picturesque landscape for motorcyclists and bikers to experience the diverse landscape of the county. From the Boston Mountains in the south of Washington County to the more urban atmosphere of Fayetteville, there is something for everyone to see here. However, while the county is a great place to ride, there is always the risk that a careless, reckless, or negligent driver will fail to consider the severe consequences his or her behavior can result in. If you’ve been seriously hurt due to the actions of another driver, Ken Kieklak, Attorney at Law may be able to fight for compensation for you.

    What are Common Reasons for Motorcycle Accidents?

    Each and every accident involving a single motorcycle or a motorcycle and other vehicles is unique. The Vehicles and the condition of the vehicles are different in each accident as are the speeds traveled at and the other decisions that contributed to make the collision inevitable. Furthermore, the physical characteristics of each vehicle occupant are also different from accident to accident. While young adults can often withstand greater forces, the elderly and children are impacted more severely by the violent forces involved in an accident. Other reasons for motorcycle accidents include:

    • The reduced visibility of smaller vehicles like motorcycles – All too often the main contributing factor in a motorcycle accident is that the other vehicle did not see the motorcyclist preparing to make a turn. This is chiefly because a motorcycle is a much smaller vehicle than a passenger car. Other vehicles may screen the motorcycle from view, or the other driver may be anticipating a larger vehicle and fail to perceive the motorcycle.
    • Road debris – While hazards or debris in the road is a problem for all vehicles, it presents a particularly serious threat for two-wheeled vehicles like a motorcycle. Debris can cause the bike to destabilize and toppled onto the rider. Particularly poor road conditions caused by loose gravel, potholes, divots, and uneven pavement can all cause a similar effect. Broken bones and serious burns can result.
    • Mechanical defects or design defects – Flaws in a bike’s design or manufacture process can introduce unexpected dangers into the operation of the vehicle. For instance, a bike that is unstable after certain speeds would have a manufacturing defect if the problem was caused by a improperly manufactured part. However if the bike was manufactured as intended and the problem still persisted, it is likely that a design defect is to blame.
    • Aggressive driving – While most people who drive or ride aggressively would probably claim to do it either because of the rush or because they are late, driving in this manner is extremely dangerous. Motorists who drive aggressively and engage in unexpected lane changes, braking, and acceleration are difficult to anticipate and increase the risk of an accident.

    In short, there are a broad array of ways in which motorcycle accidents can develop. While safe riding habits and wearing proper safety gear can minimize a motorcyclists risk, nothing can fully eliminate the risk. Unfortunately all motorists are at the mercy of the level care taken by their fellow drivers.  When other drivers place their own goals above the safety of all drivers, the risk of a serious, life-altering motorcycle accident injury is increased.

    Rely on Washington County Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Ken Kieklak

    For more than 20 years, Ken Kieklak has fought to hold reckless, careless, and negligent individuals financially accountable for the pain, suffering, and other damages their actions inflict. Ken believes that no person should be forced to subsidize the careless actions of others and will fight to obtain compensation for your lost wages, lost future earnings, medical bills, and other damages. To schedule a free and confidential personal injury consultation, call (479) 316-0438 today or contact us online.