Arkansas Burn Injury Lawyer

Arkansas Burn Injury Lawyer

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    Burn injuries are often some of the most painful injuries. If the severe initial pain wasn’t bad enough, burn injuries can also take an extremely long time to recover from. Aside from the pain, those who survive severe burn injuries often must endure multiple surgeries, rehabilitative therapy, and psychological scars. Severe burn injuries can also be fatal.

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    Causes of Severe Burn Injuries

    Burn injuries are one of the most painful types of injuries. Unfortunately they can also occur from a number of sources. The most familiar and first to spring from mind are likely burns due to heat, also known as thermal burns. Thermal burns can occur due to house fire, a camp fire, any open flame, a heating pad, friction, hot pipes, steam, and any source of heat. Burns can also occur due to chemicals you may handle or be exposed to. Common reasons for chemical include a leaking car battery, bleach, ammonia, pool chlorine, teeth whitening products, and cleaning products. Chemical burns can often occur extremely unexpectedly if a person is unaware of the potential dangerous presented by a chemical he or she is using. Electrical burns occur when electricity passes through the body. Electrical burns typically cause greater internal damage and can be caused by frayed wires, short-circuits, and dropping electrical appliances into water.

    Understanding Burn Injuries

    When a severe burn injury occurs, there is typically extensive damage to skin, other tissue, and nerves. When this damage occurs, damaged or destroyed neural endplates can come into contact with the air and environment. These end plates then produce high frequency signals which, in combination with the direct trauma, can cause severe pain.

    Burn injuries cause not only background pain which exists at all times, but also procedural pain. Procedural pain is pain that is aggravated by utilizing the affected areas or manipulating it in any way. Procedural pain is typically sharp pain or a severe burning sensation. Even changing the surgical dressing on a burn wound can cause intense procedural pain that can last for several minutes to several hours. The physical disfigurement and severe emotional and psychological trauma often experienced by burn victims can require years of therapy and treatment to manage.

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    According to data provided by the American Burn Association burns due to fire or flame made up a plurality of all burn injuries in 2013. Injuries of this type were reported 43% of the time. Scalding injuries are the second most common reason for burn injuries making up 34% of all cases. 9% of known burn injuries were due to contact with a hot surface. Electrical sources were responsible for 4% of all burn injuries. Finally, chemicals resulted in 3% of burn injuries in 2013.

    Of special note is that the home is, by far, the most common place for a burn injury to occur. 72.3% of all reported burn injuries in 2013 occurred in the home. 8.8% of burn injuries occurred in industrial occupation settings. Finally burn injuries on the roads or highways and in recreation and sports both account for 4.7% of all injuries each. However burn injuries are not limited to the foregoing, they can also occur in public buildings, on farms, and in other locations.

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