Arkansas Explosion Accident Injury Lawyer

Arkansas Explosion Accident Injury Lawyer

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    Explosions are more common than people think. Not every explosion looks like a special effect from a movie. More often, “explosions” are sudden bursts of fire or air that cause injury. Whether you suffered burns or shrapnel injuries from an explosion, you might have a personal injury case.

    In Arkansas, Ken Kieklak, Attorney at Law, works to help victims of accidents recover compensation for their injuries. This compensation can help pay for medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering. If you have been injured in an explosion accident, talk to an experienced personal injury lawyer today.

    Explosion and Blast Injury Types

    An explosion is the sudden and rapid increase in size of a substance, which usually releases a lot of energy very quickly. Explosions occur by two different mechanisms: deflagration and detonation. Deflagration is when something catches on fire and expands very quickly. These kinds of explosions often cause burns and similar injuries. Detonation, on the other hand, usually emits fire and smoke, but the more deadly issue is the shockwave. Detonations emit a shockwave of force that can injure people and destroy objects instantaneously.

    Both of these explosion types are capable of causing severe burns. This often requires intensive treatment. For severe burns that affect large portions of the body, painful skin grafts and other treatment may be required. Explosive and flammable materials are often responsible for explosion injuries. When stored improperly, gasoline, propane, and other fuels can spark and explode. The fire from this kind of explosion can easily cause burns.

    When something explodes inside a container, it causes another type of injury common with explosions: shrapnel injuries. When something like a propane tank explodes, the metal tank itself is often shattered into bits that are propelled outward. These pieces, shrapnel, can cause severe injuries and bleeding. The pieces may be difficult to remove, requiring extraordinary surgical intervention.

    Causes of Explosion Injuries

    Explosion injuries can occur for a number of reasons. The least likely cause of explosion injuries is someone else’s intentional action. Bombs and other explosives are very rarely used to injure others. Instead, explosions usually occur for these reasons:

    Dangerous Products

    Often, the designs behind electronics, appliances, and household tools are rigorously tested for electrical and fire dangers. When a manufacturer fails to follow safety standards, or puts out a product that has been improperly tested, they might cause numerous customers serious injury.

    In recent years, the news has been filled with plenty of examples of exploding devices. Samsung phones were case for alarm, since their batteries may have been improperly designed, allowing the chemicals to rupture the battery and explode. Similarly, Hoverboards were known to have a risk of fire and explosion, also based on their batteries. Lastly, some brands of airbags have been known to deteriorate too quickly in certain climates, leading to shrapnel injuries when the airbag inflator explodes.

    Industrial Accidents

    Many manufacturing plants handle very dangerous materials. Chemical plants often work with volatile materials that require careful upkeep and handling. When factory workers fail to take the necessary precautions, they put themselves and their coworkers at risk. When employers fail to equip their workers with the correct type of safety equipment, they fail to keep their workers safe.

    These kinds of injuries can often lead to Workers’ Compensation claims for injured workers. Whether your injuries were caused by a coworker’s negligence, your employer’s failure to follow safety protocols, or because of your own involvement, you might still be eligible for compensation. Arkansas’ Workers’ Compensation program aims to help people who suffer from work-related injuries get medical care and continue receiving a partial paycheck while they recover from their injuries.


    When someone is responsible for handling explosive or flammable materials, they need to use the proper level of caution. Failing to properly store, properly seal, or properly handle explosive materials can cause them to explode. When this happens, everyone in the area is at risk. Depending on the type of explosive, where the accident occurred, and the safety precautions, others can be severely hurt. Explosions from gas tanks in cars, propane tanks on grills, or large tankers on tractor-trailers can cause severe injuries.

    No matter how you were harmed by an explosion accident, you might be entitled to compensation. Filing a personal injury lawsuit may be your best way to recover financially. You might be entitled to money for your medical expenses, lost wages for missed work, and direct compensation for your pain and suffering.

    Arkansas Personal Injury Attorneys

    If you or a loved one was injured in an accident, talk to an attorney. Accidents, industrial explosions, and dangerous products may all entitle you to financial compensation. If you were injured in Arkansas, talk to Ken Kieklak, Attorney at Law. Call today for a free consultation at (479) 316-0438.