Bella Vista, AR Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Bella Vista, AR Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

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    As its name suggests, Bella Vista is home to many picturesque scenes that cannot be fully appreciated from inside the confines of a typical passenger vehicle. Rather, for many, the sights and ambiance of Bella Vista and all of northwest Arkansas can only be fully experienced and truly appreciated when riding on a motorcycle. Aside from the romantic notions about life on the open road, a motorcycle permits its occupant to better perceive and experience the conditions because the bike is opened. As more and more drivers retreat to the carefully engineered bubble of SUVs and luxury sedans, others reject that experience and prefer the more authentic experience a motorcycle can provide.

    However, despite their benefits and unique characteristics motorcycles are not without their concerns. Motorcycle riders who end up in accidents are more likely to sustain serious injuries due to the relative reduction of safety features on motorcycles along with the rider being more exposed to the accident’s violent and damaging forces.

    What Factors Are Present When Motorcycle Accidents Occur?

    Each and every motorcycle accident is the unique product of decisions the drivers made, roadway conditions, and other factors and hazards. Recognizing common accident risks can help motorists avoid a dangerous situation where the chances of a serious accident are increased. Reasons for serious crashes include:

    • The driver could not see the motorcycle – Motorcycles are small, nimble vehicles that can escape many threats. However one downside to the size of the vehicle is that the reduced profile can make motorcycles difficult to see. Issues of perceiving the motorcycle is a major factor in collisions that occur at intersections.
    • The driver did not maintain a safe following distance – Some drivers are known to follow too closely to other vehicles and do not adjust their following distance to account for increased speeds, reduced visibility, or poor road conditions. When drivers follow motorcycles too closely the rear-end collision can be catastrophic.
    • Poor weather or road conditions – Bad weather conditions can make it more difficult to perceive threats and may require the driver to take corrective or evasive action more quickly. Other drivers may, particularly in the case of ice or black ice, oversteer or overcorrect resulting in a loss of vehicle control.
    • Use of alcohol or illegal drugs – The use of alcohol and illegal drugs before driving can impair reaction times, decision-making abilities, and dull reaction times.
    • Aggressive driving – Drivers who engage in aggressive or unexpected behaviors increase the risk of an accident. Aggressive driver’s actions can be difficult to anticipate for all vehicles in the proximity.
    • Drivers who fail to allow passing – Arkansas state law prohibits drivers from obstructing traffic by driving continuously in the left lane. It is difficult to anticipate the actions of drivers who fail to adhere to traffic laws. Other drivers may be emboldened to drive aggressively to get around those who obstruct traffic.

    The above only addresses several of the more commonly found reasons for a motorcycle or other vehicular accident. Many other factors can also play a role including a distracted driver, vehicle defect, or mechanical failure.

    What Types of Injuries are Commonly found after a Motorcycle Accident?

    Motorcycle accidents are often life-altering events that inflict painful and limiting injuries on good, hard-working people. While every accident is different, commonly produced injuries include:

    • Traumatic brain injuries – While the use of a proper safety helmet can reduce the risk of sustaining a serious brain injury, it cannot eliminate it. Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) effect every aspect of the body and its systems’ functioning.
    • Burn injuries – Friction burns from the rider hitting the pavement at high speeds are extremely painful and all too common for motorcyclists. Furthermore, exposed exhaust elements and other hot parts of the bike can easily cause second and third degree burns.
    • Broken bones – Due to the exposure to forces that is greater than the occupant of a passenger vehicle would experience, motorcyclists are more likely to suffer broken or fractured bones.

    There are many other injuries that can occur in a motorcycle crash. The rider may suffer from torn ligaments, knee injuries, ankle injuries, severe bruising, and many other injuries.

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