Bentonville Workers’ Compensation Benefits Suspension Lawyer

Bentonville Workers’ Compensation Benefits Suspension Lawyer

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    Many workers in Arkansas rely on Workers’ Compensation to support themselves and their families after a serious workplace injury. These benefits can pay you replacement wages and cover medical expenses caused by the injury, and if these benefits are suddenly suspended, your family may face serious hardships.

    If you have had your Workers’ Compensation benefits suspended in Bentonville, Arkansas, call Bentonville workers’ comp. suspension lawyer Ken Kieklak today. Ken Kieklak, Attorney at Law, has decades of experience representing workers’ comp. recipients and injured workers and fighting to get them the benefits they need for work-related injuries and conditions. To schedule a free consultation on your case, contact our law offices today at (479) 316-0438.

    Why Would My Workers’ Comp. Benefits Be Suspended in Arkansas?

    The Arkansas Workers’ Compensation Commission (AWCC) has rules and requirements for workers’ comp. eligibility. If you violate any of these rules or become ineligible for workers’ comp. while receiving benefits, your employer may cut off your benefits. This can come in the form of suspension, where the employer will stop your benefits until you continue complying with rules. In other cases, your benefits may be terminated altogether, and you may need to file a claim with the AWCC to get your benefits reinstated.

    One of the primary reasons workers’ comp. might be suspended is if you are able to return to work. If your doctor finds that you are no longer too injured to work, or if your employer finds out that you actually went to work, you may no longer qualify for benefits and your employer might stop paying you. It is important to talk to an attorney if your condition is still too severe to work, but you are being told to return to your job. You may need to file with the AWCC for an extension on your benefits until a hearing can be held to determine your eligibility.

    You might also have your benefits suspended if you violate any workers’ comp. rules. Workers’ comp. covers medical costs and lost wages for workers, and workers, in return, must use a doctor the employer chooses and continue to report for doctors’ appointments, testing, and to follow through with any required treatment. If you miss doctors’ appointments or stop keeping up with your medical care, your benefits might be suspended. Talking to your employer and resuming care might be all it takes to have your benefits reinstated, and an attorney can help you negotiate these kinds of suspensions.

    Avoiding Suspensions for Workers’ Comp. Benefits in AR

    If you follow all rules and procedures you are supposed to, your benefits might still be unjustly suspended. Your employer or their insurance company may find your payments too expensive and might look for procedural errors or minor problems as an excuse to cut off your benefits. In many cases, settling your disability case might help protect the payments by giving you your benefits up front.

    If you are receiving disability and want to avoid the risk of having your benefits suspended, contact a lawyer today to discuss settling your claim. Never settle your disability claim without first consulting with an attorney to understand what your settlement should be worth. Though there may still be reasons that your employer can try to stop your settlement, your benefits are much safer if you get them paid up front.

    Fighting a Workers’ Compensation Suspension in Bentonville

    If your benefits were suspended, you should consult with an attorney about having your benefits reinstated. In many cases, your employer or their insurance company might refuse to resume paying for your benefits, and your lawyer will need to file your case with the AWCC.

    The first step in appealing a denial or cancellation of benefits is to file with the AWCC. The AWCC might hear your case before a panel of experts to determine whether your penalties were unfairly cut-off. If they were, your lawyer may be able to get your benefits resumed or work toward a settlement in your case, getting you the benefits you need in one lump sum.

    If the AWCC denies your claim, you may be able to appeal to an administrative law judge instead. Taking your workers’ comp. claim to court can be the strongest method to ensure that your rights as an injured worker are protected, and you get the benefits you deserve.

    In the meantime, you may be entitled to temporary benefits while you appeal your case. Talk to a lawyer about filing your case immediately to get the interim benefits you need.

    Workers’ Comp. Suspension Lawyer Offering Free Consultations in Bentonville, Arkansas

    If you or a loved one receives Workers’ Compensation benefits in Bentonville or the surrounding areas, and your benefits have been cut-off or suspended, contact our law offices today. Workers’ Compensation suspension attorney Ken Kieklak may be able to fight to have your benefits restored or settled in full. For help with your case and to schedule a free consultation, call our law offices today at (479) 316-0438.