Bentonville Ozark Mountain Poultry Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

Bentonville Ozark Mountain Poultry Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

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    Workers at the Ozark Mountain Poultry plant in Rogers might be entitled to Workers’ Compensation coverage after a serious on-the-job injury.  Our Bentonville Ozark Mountain Poultry Workers’ Compensation lawyer represents injured workers in their workers’ comp. claims and fights to help them maximize their benefits and get the help they need after a serious injury.

    It is important to always talk to a lawyer after a serious workplace injury, and Ken Kieklak, Attorney at Law, practices in the Rogers and Bentonville areas to help injured workers get the help they need.  For a free legal consultation, call us today to learn more about what compensation you could be entitled to do and how to file your claim.  For your free legal consultation, call us today at (479) 316-0438.

    What Does Workers’ Compensation Cover for Ozark Mountain Poultry Workers in Bentonville?

    Workers at Ozark Mountain Poultry should be entitled to the same kinds of Workers’ Compensation protections and benefits that workers throughout Arkansas are entitled to.  Typically, Arkansas law and rules from the Arkansas Workers’ Compensation Commission (AWCC) require companies to pay for medical benefits and wage-loss benefits when workers are injured.  Our lawyers do not know precisely what terms and conditions Ozark Mountain Poultry’s Workers’ Compensation policy uses, but we can explain what benefits the AWCC usually requires:

    Medical Benefits

    Injured workers at Ozark Mountain Poultry and other job sites in Arkansas are often entitled to coverage for any medical care related to their workplace injuries.  These benefits should cover any emergency medical care, even in many cases where the worker later has a claim denied or where the injuries will not last long enough to warrant workers’ comp. payments.

    If your injury will result in lost days at work and qualify you for additional benefits, your employer’s workers’ comp. insurance should cover all medical care costs related to the injury.  However, there are some strings attached.  First, you will need to use a doctor that is approved by your employer or the insurance company to get your care covered.  Second, you will only get coverage for procedures and care that are approved as part of your treating physician’s treatment plan.  Third, you must keep up with the care and go to all of your appointments, do your physical therapy, and otherwise follow through with the care to continue receiving benefits.

    Wage-Loss Benefits

    When your work injuries keep you from going back to work, Ozark Mountain Poultry should be required to pay 2/3 of your normal wages in wage-loss benefits.  These benefits are calculated based on your average weekly wages before the accident and should be paid as long as your benefits continue.

    Usually, these benefits only start if your injury will last long enough that you will be out of work for more than a few days.  There is also a waiting period before these benefits start.  Benefits will continue to last for a set time based on how severe your injury was.

    Some injuries can be classified as total, temporary disabilities that will keep you out of work completely, but will only last for a limited time.  Other injuries are less severe and only qualify as partial disabilities, but they are permanent.  Depending on how the injury is classified, this may result in different payment periods.

    Some injuries are based on a “schedule,” where the AWCC and State of Arkansas lay out particular time periods for payments to continue based on the injury you sustained.  For instance, loss of an arm at the elbow or above leads to 244 weeks of compensation.  If you did not lose the arm but fully lost function in the arm, the payments should be the same.  If you lost only partial function, then you will usually receive reduced benefits for the same percentage of lost function that you suffered.

    Your lawyer can help you calculate how long you should get benefits for and what rate they should be paid at.

    Do I Qualify for Workers’ Compensation Coverage at Ozark Mountain Poultry in the Bentonville Area?

    Workers are sometimes excluded from coverage by Workers’ Compensation plans in Arkansas.  The AWCC has a few major exceptions to the standard Workers’ Compensation policies and rules that might exempt certain workers at Ozark Mountain Poultry from getting coverage.

    Agricultural workers do not need to be covered by Workers’ Compensation in Arkansas.  This means that some workers at Ozark Mountain Poultry might not get coverage at all for their on-the-job injuries and will instead have to sue for damages.  The same is true for independent contractors, who are not considered “employees” that need to be covered by workers’ comp.  If for any reason you are not covered by Ozark Mountain Poultry’s Workers’ Compensation insurance, then you would be entitled to sue for damages against the at-fault party instead.

    Workers’ compensation is also tricky in some situations where the injuries were caused by someone else.  In an accident caused by a third party, an equipment manufacturer, or another individual, you might be entitled to sue them instead of being required to file for workers’ comp.  Talk to a lawyer about your case to learn the best way to recover compensation.

    You can also usually sue your employer for intentional violence at work.

    Call Our Ozark Mountain Poultry Workers’ Compensation Lawyer in Bentonville for a Free Legal Consultation

    Filing for Workers’ Compensation can be complex and confusing.  Fayetteville, AR workers’ comp lawyer Ken Kieklak, Attorney at Law, has decades of experience representing injured workers and helping them get Workers’ Compensation benefits to cover lost wages and medical bills.  For help with your injury case, call our Bentonville Ozark Mountain Poultry Workers’ Compensation lawyer today at (479) 316-0438.  We offer free case consultations.