Bentonville Simmons Foods Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

Bentonville Simmons Foods Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

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    Simmons Foods is one of the largest employers in the Bentonville area, located nearby in Siloam Springs.  Many locals find their salaries and families dependent on their ability to keep working at Simmons.  If you work for Simmons Foods and suffered a serious workplace injury, you might not be able to keep working right now.  Instead, you might need the help of a Workers’ Compensation lawyer to help you and your family get the support you need.

    Ken Kieklak, Attorney at Law, is a Bentonville Simmons Foods Workers’ Compensation lawyer who might be able to help you and your loved ones get the compensation you need after an on-the-job injury.  Call us today at (479) 316-0438 to set up a free legal consultation.

    Do I File for Workers’ Compensation if I Was Hurt Working at Simmons Foods in Bentonville?

    If you work for Simmons Foods, your ability to file for Workers’ Compensation will depend on a few different questions.  First, you need to make sure Simmons Foods actually carries Workers’ Compensation that covers your department.  Most employers in Arkansas do not need to carry insurance to cover agricultural workers, which might mean that many Simmons Foods workers are not covered.  There could also be lapses in their coverage that would allow you to sue instead.

    If you are an independent contractor, you might not be covered by Workers’ Compensation either.  Simmons Foods has a lot of independent contractors, from farmers to delivery personnel to construction contractors.  If you were injured while working as one of these workers, you might have to sue instead.

    Workers’ compensation might also fail to cover intentional injuries from workplace violence.  Otherwise, you can typically file for workers’ comp. for any on-the-job injuries while working at Simmons Foods.  Our attorney can help you with that process.

    How to File for Worker’s Compensation After a Workplace Injury at Simmons Foods in Bentonville, AR

    If you were injured at work, you should first seek treatment for your injuries.  Then, you can start worrying about how to file for Workers’ Compensation.  Your employer often needs to be notified, and there are forms you might need to fill out.  In many cases, you can work with a lawyer to have all of these steps taken care of and to make sure that you are not missing any important documents.

    Filing deadlines are usually quite quick, so you should talk to a lawyer immediately after an accident.

    What Workplace Injuries Are Covered by Workers’ Comp. for Simmons Foods in Bentonville

    Workers’ compensation rules in Arkansas dictate that workers should be covered for any work-related injuries.  That means that workers should be covered for any injuries they sustain at work during their work duties.  This could range from back injuries to wrist and hand injuries to serious car accident injuries, dismemberment, and more.

    Workers’ compensation typically only covers injuries that will keep you out of work for some time.  If you can go back to work within the week, those injuries will probably not be covered.  However, any long-term injuries should be covered.

    Some injuries and illnesses received at work are not caused by one acute event, but they rather grow over time.  Back injuries, work-related illnesses, and other such conditions are still work-related and can still be claimed through workers’ comp. in many cases.

    Talk to our Bentonville workers’ comp. lawyer about getting Workers’ Compensation for your specific condition or injury.

    What Compensation Does Simmons Foods Pay to Injured Workers in Bentonville?

    We do not know the specific details of Simmons Foods’ Workers’ Compensation policies, but we can discuss what Arkansas employers usually need to cover in their Workers’ Compensation plans.  While damages for pain and suffering are not covered by workers’ comp., workers should still be entitled to claim damages for their injuries in the form of medical damages and wage-loss coverage.

    Medical damages for your injury should be covered in full by Simmons Foods’ Workers’ Compensation coverage.  This means that if you went to the hospital for an emergency from work and the injury end up causing lost time at work, workers’ comp. should pay for your trip and your treatment there.  If your injury will require ongoing medical care, workers’ comp. should also cover those bills.

    To get ongoing care covered, you must follow certain rules.  First, you will usually have to choose a doctor from a list that your employer or their worker’s comp. insurance company selected.  This might limit your choices and mean that you cannot use your typical doctor.  Second, you must typically listen to your doctor’s treatment plans, keep all appointments, and continue to seek care.  If you show a lapse in care, workers’ comp. might try to cut you off.

    Wage-loss damages will not cover your full wages if you cannot work after an injury, but they will usually cover 2/3 of your normal wages.  While 66.67% might not seem fair, keep in mind that you should not need to put any of that toward medical expenses while you recover, as those should also be paid.

    The length of time that workers’ comp. covers your wages for will depend on the injury you suffered.  Serious, permanent injuries often pay workers’ comp. for longer recovery periods.  Talk to a lawyer about how long your workers’ comp. benefits will last in your case.

    Call Our Bentonville Workers’ Comp. Attorney for Injured Simmons Foods Employees

    Ken Kieklak, Attorney at Law, works with injured workers and their families in and around Bentonville, including workers injured at Simmons Foods.  For a free legal consultation and help with your workers’ comp. case, call our Bentonville Simmons Foods Workers’ Compensation lawyer today at (479) 316-0438.