Harrison, AR Personal Injury Lawyer

Harrison, AR Personal Injury Lawyer

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    You likely have mounting medical expenses and other challenges if you have been injured by another person’s negligence. When that happens, our lawyers will be here to help you get the compensation you need for your recovery.

    Personal injuries can occur in many different ways. No matter how your happened, one of the most important things you can do is document the incident. For instance, if you were in a car accident or slipped in a store, report your injuries immediately to the police or store owner. After reporting your accident and taking pictures, the next step is to contact our firm. We have years of experience in numerous types of personal injury claims. Whether you were in a minor fender-bender or had a medical condition misdiagnosed, our team will be prepared to help you get the justice you deserve.

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    Documenting Your Personal Injuries for your Harrison, AR Claim

    The way to give your claim the best chance of success is to document continuously. You should start by reporting your accident, no matter how minor your injuries appear. This will create a record of the accident and provide proof that that incident occurred. Our personal injury lawyers will also be able to use your reports to discover more evidence or witnesses that can support your claim. You will also build credibility by reporting your injuries quickly.

    For instance, you should call 911 following a car accident. The police will make a report that includes important information, like the other driver’s name, address, and insurance information. If your accident was minor, your injuries might not be apparent until days later. However, you will have a record of the accident even if you file a claim later.

    You should also report your accident if you were injured on another person’s premises. For example, if you were injured in a store or restaurant, report your injuries to the property owner or manager. Some businesses will have standard procedures for documenting the accident and will provide you with a copy of the report. Others do not, so be sure to take photos and videos of the areas you were injured in before they have a chance to clean it.

    Next, you will want to document your injuries. Start by taking pictures of your injuries on the scene or at the hospital. If emergency medical responders are on the scene, let them provide care, and we can obtain the records later. You will need medical treatment so you have documentation of your injuries. Your medical records will also detail why you needed to come to the hospital, what treatment you received there, and what future treatment you need. As such, our lawyers will use these records as the foundation of your case.

    Common Types of Harrison, AR Personal Injury Lawsuits Our Attorneys Litigate

    Personal injuries in Harrison are caused in countless ways. That is why our attorneys have experience representing clients in many types of cases. Whether you were in a minor car accident or the victim of medical malpractice, our team can argue your case in court. The following are common claims we fight in Harrison:

    Car Accidents

    Car accidents happen every day in Harrison. As such, our attorneys have years of experience negotiating settlements with insurance companies and arguing evidence in court.

    Negligent drivers injure others in numerous ways. Your accident might have been caused by a distracted driver on their phone or by someone speeding. Other cases are more serious and require more investigation, like drunken driving accidents. Our team will help you gather the evidence you need no matter how complex your accident was.

    We can also help file your claim in a rideshare accident. Uber and Lyft accidents are more common than ever in Harrison as their businesses expand. While these companies offer insurance coverage for accidents, the claims structure can be complicated for those unfamiliar with the system. We can help determine what insurance options are available depending on the circumstances in your case and whether we should file a lawsuit to get additional coverage.

    Motorcycle Accidents

    Our lawyers have also handled a rising number of motorcycle accident claims in Harrison. This is because Arkansas is one of the most dangerous states for riders in the country. Only Texas claims more motorcycle fatalities per capita. Thus, you should not hesitate to reach out to our firm if a negligent driver injures you while riding.

    We would note that while riding without a helmet is legal throughout the state, it can still be used against you in a lawsuit. Acting reasonably and safely and acting legally is not the same thing in an accident claim. If you were injured and the lack of a helmet contributed to your injuries, the defendant will use that to argue that they should not have to pay for your contributory negligence. And the court will likely agree, lowering the amount of compensation you get.

    If you are found more than 50% at fault for your injuries, you will be completely barred from recovery. However, our team will fight unfounded claims that seek to exploit the biases and stereotypes against motorcyclists.

    Premises Liability

    Our team routinely represents clients injured on another person’s property. Premises liability lawsuits arise commonly because they can happen almost anywhere. Many of these lawsuits concern slip and falls that occur in businesses. For instance, if you slipped in a grocery store, we can help get evidence to show the spill should have been discovered to hold the business owner liable.

    Construction zones are also a common source of premises liability accidents. Some sites do not include signs when they close a sidewalk or provide overhead protection for pedestrians. If this sounds like your situation, we might be able to sue a negligent worker, the general or sub-contractor, the property owner, or all of the above if each had a responsibility for the premises’ safety.

    Medical Malpractice

    We trust our doctors to provide the care we need at a vulnerable time. Unfortunately, not all healthcare providers take their responsibilities as seriously as others. If your doctor failed to provide an adequate standard of care that another doctor would have, we can help file a lawsuit against them. When we do, we will also investigate to see if other providers should be named in your claim, like a nurse or other specialist.

    Medical malpractice can take many forms. Some doctors fail to diagnose or misdiagnose a serious condition, costing the patient critical time and money getting additional care. Other cases might be more obvious, like when surgical errors occur. Regardless, our lawyers have the skills to prove how your malpractice was caused.

    Our Harrison, AR Personal Injury Attorneys Are Here to Help

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