Harrison, AR Truck Accident Lawyer

Harrison, AR Truck Accident Lawyer

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    Even a minor truck accident can leave you with devastating losses. Our attorneys know these cases can be complicated, but we can help you get justice by filing a lawsuit against the negligent driver.

    Our team can help you determine who should be named as defendants in your claim. In most cases, we will pursue compensation from both the truck driver and the trucking company that employs them. However, we will investigate every aspect of your case to see if anyone else contributed to your injuries, like cargo loaders or truck manufacturers. Some of the evidence you need to win will already be in your possession. The trucking company holds many of the important records that can prove liability. Our team can get this evidence and present it to the court so it understands the harm you suffered.

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    Evidence that Can Help Prove Your Truck Accident Lawsuit in Harrison, AR

    Truck accidents make for more complex lawsuits because they often require evidence that is unnecessary in a typical vehicle claim. Of course, you will still need basic evidence, like witness statements and photos, to build a strong case. But to have the best chance of winning, you will usually need records from the trucking company you are suing.  Our truck accident lawyers know what evidence to look for to show the driver’s negligence and can obtain it for you. The following are types of evidence we will specifically look for after your Harrison truck accident:

    Accident Reports

    Many claims start with accident reports. For instance, you should call 911 after your accident so the police can make a crash report. This is important for a few reasons. First, the police report should include the name of the truck driver, the company they work for, the truck’s license plate number, and many other vital details. Second, you are required to report any accident that results in injury, death, or over $1,000 in property damage. Last, emergency medical services can render aid on the scene and make the initial report of your injuries.

    Most trucking companies also generate an accident report following an incident. Unlike police reports, these records are typically reserved for internal company use. The truck driver might provide you with a report on the scene, but not always. Our lawyers will be able to get a copy of the company report during our investigation of your claim.

    The Truck’s Black Box

    Many commercial trucks are installed with “black boxes.” These data recorders can provide helpful information about the truck’s actions before and during the accident. Basically, black boxes track the systems and functions the truck driver uses and does not use.

    For instance, if the driver was speeding when they injured you, the black box should have that information. It can also tell us if the trucker did not apply the brakes before crashing into you. This would serve as convincing evidence that the driver was distracted; otherwise, they would have hit the brakes.

    Maintenance and Inspection Records

    Trucking companies and their drivers must routinely inspect and maintain their trucks, including making regular repairs. This means that there should be records every time they do. Our lawyers can get these records from the company, which might reveal that the truck needed repairs before your accident.

    The lack of inspection or maintenance records can also tell us that they did not even bother to check in the first place. However, most trucking companies will not give up their records without a fight. Our team can get these records after filing your lawsuit, as you are entitled to relevant information that can prove your claim.

    The Driver’s Logbooks

    Federal and state regulations place strict limits on the amount of time truck drivers are allowed to operate before taking a break. When they rest, truckers must record their break periods in their logbooks. Like the records mentioned above, our team has strategies to get these logbooks in our possession once your lawsuit is filed.

    Some logbooks might show that the trucker drove hours past their required break time. We can argue that this caused them to be drowsy, thereby causing your accident. We can also use missing logbook entries as evidence. Since logging breaks is mandatory, a missing entry is as good as it not happening. Our lawyers’ job is to convince the court that the driver failed to log their break because they were knowingly violating the law.

    The Driver’s Personnel Records

    Another important piece of evidence our attorneys can help you get is the truck driver’s personnel records. These files can reveal a great deal of information, such as whether the driver has been flagged for dangerous incidents in the past or if they have a history of alcohol or drug abuse. They will also show if the driver was even qualified to operate the vehicle that injured you or if they have a medical condition that could have contributed to the collision.

    Truck Cab Cameras

    Many trucking companies now have in-cab cameras installed throughout their fleet. While these cameras are used for logistics and oversight, our lawyers can use them to prove the truck driver’s negligence.

    Some trucks have front-facing cab cameras, which record the driver. Others have cameras facing traffic. Many trucks are installed with both. Our attorneys can review this footage to see if the driver was falling asleep or on the phone when the accident occurred. If they only had a traffic-facing camera, it could show them driving recklessly or tailgating you.

    Drug and Alcohol Testing Records

    Most trucking companies require drivers to take a drug and alcohol test after an accident. If they were drinking or on a substance when the accident occurred, our team can get the test to argue that they acted recklessly. If the court agrees with us, you could recover punitive damages, which are rare but can increase your award significantly.

    Cell Phone Records

    Our lawyers can also help you get the truck driver’s cell phone records. Their records might show text messages sent just before the accident or a phone call that stopped at the approximate time of the collision. With this information, we can argue that they were likely distracted by their phone when they injured you.

    Our lawyers will also thoroughly investigate your claim to see if the truck driver had multiple cell phones. Many truckers have several phones depending on the nature of the company and the clients they work with. If our team determines the driver has more than one phone, we will request the records from each of the providers.

    Our Harrison, AR Truck Accident Lawyers Can Help You Get the Compensation You Deserve

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