Harrison, AR Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Harrison, AR Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

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    Many motorcycle accident in Harrison result in severe injuries for riders. If you have been harmed by a negligent driver, our attorneys can help you get compensation for your injuries.

    Few motorcycle accident injuries are minor. Even if you did not break any bones or suffer head trauma, road rash can result in many long-term complications. Fortunately, our team can also help if you sustained serious injuries in your motorcycle accident. Traumatic brain injuries are one of the most common from motorcycle accidents, which is why you should wear a helmet whenever you are on your bike. If you were not wearing a helmet when your accident occurred, the other side can use that fact to reduce your compensation. However, our team will be there to fight any unfounded accusations that you contributed to your injuries.

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    Common Motorcycle Accident Injuries Victims Sustain in Harrison, AR

    Arkansas has become increasingly dangerous for riders, even in Harrison. The Arkansas State Police reports that motorcycle accidents have steadily risen over the last several years, including 85 fatalities in 2021. From just 2019 to 2021, rider fatalities rose by 51%. In fact, Arkansas has the second highest rate of injury-related deaths per 10,000 motorcycles in the country. The only state with a higher rate of motorcycle accident fatalities in Texas.

    Unfortunately, negligent drivers in Harrison and throughout the state do not pay the attention they should to motorcyclists sharing the road. As the stats above indicate, few motorcycle accident injuries are minor. Fortunately, our motorcycle accident attorneys can help you get compensation to get you through recovery by filing a lawsuit. The following are common injuries our team files claims for in Harrison:

    Road Rash

    Road rash is one of the most common motorcycle accident injuries in Harrison. However, they are rarely minor. If a negligent driver throws a rider from their motorcycle, the skin damage could be catastrophic depending on how far they skid on the asphalt.

    Some road rash injuries might be minor if you were wearing protective gear. In other cases, these injuries can lead to serious complications like nerve damage and life-threatening infections. Many victims also require periodic skin graft surgeries to repair the damaged skin. Our lawyers can help assess any future medical needs you have, as well as your current losses.

    Spinal Injuries

    Spinal injuries are also typical in Harrison motorcycle accidents, often leaving victims with permanent injuries and chronic pain. The thoracic and cervical sections—the neck and middle spine—are the most commonly injured parts of the spine. Some injuries heal relatively quickly with treatment, like whiplash. However, riders are much more susceptible to serious spine injuries that can result in paralysis, extensive nerve damage, or even death.

    Even relatively minor lower-back injuries can have a life-long impact. If you herniated a disk or a prior back injury was made worse, you might need chiropractic care and physical therapy for years to come. Regardless of the extent of your spinal injuries, our team will help you file a claim against the defendant to get you the care you need.

    Traumatic Brain Injuries

    Traumatic head and brain injuries are the cause of many of the motorcycle accident deaths mentioned above. That is why wearing a helmet is critical to your long-term health. Studies show that helmets can reduce the risk of death by up to 42%. Further, you are three times more likely to suffer a severe brain injury if you are not wearing a helmet when the accident occurs.

    Moreover, not wearing a helmet will almost certainly impact your claim. While it is legal for riders 21 and over to operate a motorcycle without a helmet in Arkansas, it can still be used against you in a lawsuit. You will not be able to argue that wearing a helmet is legal, so, therefore, not wearing one should not be held against you.

    In Harrison, a modified comparative negligence rule is applied in insurance claims and lawsuits. According to Ark. Code § 16-64-122, you will not be able to recover any compensation if you are found at least 50% at fault for your injuries.

    The court will take into account whether or not you were wearing a helmet during the accident. If the court finds that you contributed to the accident but your share of the fault was less than 50%, you can still recover damages. However, your settlement or award will be lessened by the portion of fault you were found to share. Thus, our team stresses the importance of wearing a helmet every time you ride.

    Broken Bones

    Even minor motorcycle accidents can result in broken bones. Many non-fatal accidents involve injuries to the lower extremities. However, these injuries can be dangerous, as well. For instance, you will need emergency treatment and likely extensive physical therapy if you broke your femur in the accident. Fractures like this can also lead to severe blood loss if the broken bone slices an artery or internal organ.

    You still might be out of work and off the road for months treating less serious fractures. Our lawyers will be here to assess the extent of your losses and help you get compensation for lost wages if your injuries prevented you from working or having to take a lesser-paying job.

    Internal Injuries

    Internal injuries can occur in numerous ways during a motorcycle accident. For example, broken ribs can easily pierce internal organs and cause blood to fill in the abdominal cavity. Internal bleeding can be hard to detect and can kill quickly, so be sure to get medical treatment at the scene and in the emergency room.

    You could also suffer crushing internal injuries from the impact of the collision. The hospital will have the tools to scan and see where your internal injuries are and if you require surgery. After you get care, our team can help gather your medical records to file along with your claim.

    Psychological Harm

    Not all motorcycle accident injuries are physical. Many accident victims also suffer serious psychological harm as a result of the incident. Our lawyers refer to these as “pain and suffering” damages and can help you claim them in your lawsuit. However, these damages are not easy to quantify. They are based on your subjective experiences regarding how the accident and your injuries have impacted your life.

    For instance, you might have post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) following the accident, preventing you from getting back on your bike. This might cause you to miss out on activities with family and friends, like not being able to attend your yearly bike fest. If your injuries have caused you emotional stress or a loss in life’s enjoyment, our team will help negotiate for these damages in addition to your monetary losses.

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