Jacksonville, AR Car Accident Lawyer

Jacksonville, AR Car Accident Lawyer

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    Most people drive a car every day. Motor vehicles are essential to getting to and from work, errands, and fun activities all throughout the United States. Unfortunately, sometimes car accidents do happen, and serious injuries can result. Victims of car accidents can have severe injuries that require lengthy medical treatments and recovery regimens, which can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

    Fortunately, you do not need to deal with the aftermath of a motor vehicle accident alone. Our attorneys have advocated for people injured in motor vehicle accidents many times before, and we are ready to lend our skills to your case. We will be with you every step of the way and not stop fighting until you see justice for your injuries.

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    Car Accident Causes in Jacksonville, AR

    Car accidents can happen for a number of reasons. Generally, car accidents are caused by either a mistake on the part of the driver or a problem with the vehicle itself. The exact cause of your car accident is very important to the success of your car accident lawsuit. Our car accident lawyers can only take people to court who actually caused your injuries, so determining the exact cause of your accident is very important to your lawsuit.

    Negligent Drivers

    Many car accidents are the fault of one of the drivers involved. When a driver makes a mistake on the road, the law considers that driver negligent. Negligence is when someone does something careless and injures another person or multiple people as a result. Drivers are negligent when they do things that a reasonable driver would not. For example, if a driver hits you while trying to switch lanes and they do not look in their mirrors to see whether it is safe to do so, they would be negligent because a reasonable, responsible motorist would check to see if it was safe before switching lanes.

    It is also negligent to ignore basic traffic laws. Speeding, running red lights, or drunk driving are all classic examples of negligent driving.

    Defective Vehicles

    Sometimes, a car accident is caused by a problem with the vehicle instead of a mistake on the part of the driver. Many single-vehicle accidents are the result of a problem with the car that causes the driver to lose control and get in an accident. When there is a problem with a motor vehicle that causes an accident, it is called a defect. Defects can pop up in either the design or manufacture of the vehicle in question.

    When a problem is inherent to the vehicle, it is called a design defect. These problems will arise in the ordinary use of a vehicle without other problems. For example, a car with a gas tank that leaks or is positioned in such a way as to be prone to igniting would be considered to have a design defect.

    Manufacturing defects, on the other hand, are problems that arise during the production of the vehicle. Incorrectly installed airbags, faulty ignition switches, and the use of substandard materials are all examples of design defects that could lead to a car accident.

    Should I Settle or Go to Court in a Jacksonville, AR, Car Accident Lawsuit?

    Many plaintiffs are understandably anxious about going to court to fight for the compensation they need. Indeed, filing and seeing a lawsuit all the way to a jury trial can be a years-long ordeal, and the outcome is never guaranteed. However, that should not dissuade you from considering filing a lawsuit after a car accident. Instead, after consulting with our lawyers, you should look at the circumstances of your unique situation and figure out what the best course of action is for you. We will go over some of the considerations about whether to settle or sue below.

    When to Settle

    You should consider settling a case when doing so will pay for your medical expenses and any other damages you may have incurred in your car accident. Many defendants might want to preserve their image or not want to go through a lengthy, stressful lawsuit. In these cases, they may offer a settlement agreement at any point in the legal process before a trial begins.

    Many plaintiffs may believe that settling a case is “giving up” or “losing.” This is very much not the case. Settling a case can save time and money for both parties involved. Moreover, the ultimate goal of filing a car accident lawsuit is to get you back to where you were before the accident. If that goal can be successfully met without going through the entire costly legal process, you should seriously consider that option.

    When to Sue

    If a settlement from an insurance company or defendant is inadequate for the injuries you have suffered, you should likely try and see the lawsuit all the way through to trial. Sometimes, defendants and insurance companies will try and lowball you or offer a cursory amount of money for your troubles to try and avoid a lawsuit. In some cases, they may highlight the cost of time and money that a lawsuit brings with it to try and scare you away from filing one. If you feel that a lawsuit is the only way you can get the compensation you need, do not be intimidated by adverse parties. Our lawyers will work with you to make sure you are treated fairly both in and out of the courtroom.

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