Jacksonville, AR Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

Jacksonville, AR Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

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    Encountering nursing home abuse can be an extremely distressing and devastating experience for both residents and their families. While it is commonly recognized as a criminal act, legal action can also be taken to sue for compensation in civil court for damages incurred due to nursing home abuse.

    Identifying nursing home abuse can prove to be challenging as it can take many forms, including physical, financial, emotional, or other types of maltreatment. If you have a suspicion that your loved one has been a victim of nursing home abuse, you have the right to receive compensation. To confirm your suspicions, there are several indications to be on the lookout for.

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    How Long You Have to File a Lawsuit for Nursing Home Abuse in Jacksonville, AR

    When filing a car accident lawsuit in Jacksonville, it is crucial to stay informed about the statute of limitations. Victims of nursing home abuse have a three-year time limit to take legal action from the date of the abuse, as stated in Ark. Code. § 16-56-105. The clock starts ticking on the date that the cause of action accrues. For instance, if the abuse occurred on July 10, 2023, you would have until July 10, 2026, to file your claim in the appropriate court.

    While three years seems like a lot of time, it can go by quickly when trying to pursue legal compensation. It takes time to collect evidence and interview witnesses. This is all to ensure that your case stands the best chance of success. If too much time passes before filing your lawsuit, you might lose out on important evidence or forget important details about the accident.

    Understanding How Nursing Home Abuse Occurs in Jacksonville, AR

    Abuse can manifest itself in many ways, with physical and sexual harm being just a few examples. Older adults residing in nursing homes are particularly vulnerable to abuse. Our team of attorneys specializing in nursing home abuse can help you seek justice for your loved one’s pain and suffering. Abuse can take on many forms, some of which might not be immediately apparent. In Jacksonville, the following types of nursing home abuse are frequently reported:

    Financial Abuse

    Financial exploitation is, unfortunately, a widespread problem in Jacksonville nursing homes, with some individuals taking advantage of vulnerable residents. This type of abuse can take various forms, including facilities charging residents for services they never received or a resident or staff member pressuring a resident to use their credit cards or transfer funds to a personal bank account. It is crucial to safeguard nursing home residents from financial scams, whether they originate from an external source or someone within the facility.


    Neglect is a type of abuse that is frequently observed in nursing homes when the staff or facility fails to take appropriate action, even if it is unintentional. Neglect can cause harm, and those responsible might face the consequences. Poor management, insufficient staff training, or a lack of resources to meet residents’ needs often result in neglect. Examples of neglect include inadequate food and water, leaving residents alone for prolonged periods, ignoring residents’ complaints, improper medication administration, and inadequate cleaning of residents or their living spaces.

    Physical Abuse

    Nursing home residents are often subjected to mistreatment, which is commonly associated with physical harm. Physical abuse involves using physical force, such as hitting, choking, or dragging someone forcefully. This mistreatment might be caused by a fellow resident or a staff member at the nursing home. It is important to keep in mind that physical abuse is never acceptable, and the individual responsible for it might be held accountable for their actions.

    Emotional Abuse

    Identifying emotional abuse can be challenging as it is not always apparent. This type of cruelty can happen rapidly and frequently, leaving victims uncertain about whether they are being abused. Emotional abuse can involve harassment, humiliation, and threats, and if you have experienced any of these, you might have been emotionally abused. Those who have been subjected to emotional abuse often feel confused and hurt, and they might be reluctant to take action due to the potential consequences.

    Sexual Abuse

    Residents of nursing homes who experience sexual abuse have the right to pursue legal action in order to seek justice for the harm they have endured. Sexual abuse can encompass any form of unwanted sexual contact, such as inappropriate touching or fondling, that is carried out without the resident’s consent. It is essential to understand that sexual abuse can also manifest itself without physical contact. If a resident is coerced into undressing or engaging in other sexually inappropriate actions, the individual responsible can be held accountable.

    Signs That Someone Is a Victim of Nursing Home Abuse in Jacksonville, AR

    Recognizing signs of abuse can be challenging, but it is possible to identify them if you are aware of what to look for. Changes in behavior or mood that are difficult to explain could be an indication of abuse. If you or a loved one has been subjected to nursing home abuse in Jacksonville, here are some of the most common signs to watch out for:

    Behavioral Changes

    If a resident’s behavior suddenly shifts, it could be a sign of potential abuse. Unusual mood swings, like heightened anxiety, anger, or depression, might be displayed. Additionally, those who have been mistreated might become more introverted and less inclined to participate in the conversation.

    Financial Exploitation

    If you observe a change in your loved one’s financial behavior that is not typical, it might indicate financial exploitation. Your loved one might not be aware of being financially abused, particularly if a staff member or another resident is taking their belongings or if the nursing home is misusing their funds. It is necessary to be vigilant if your loved one wishes to modify their will or make other financial decisions, as this might be a sign of financial abuse. We are here to assist you in investigating any indications of abuse that you have noticed.

    Bruising and Other Injuries

    It is important to be observant of bruises or injuries on a loved one when you visit them, as they might be signs of abuse. While bruises can be normal in older individuals, they typically have a reason behind them. If you notice any unexplained cuts or scratches that suggest physical abuse, it is crucial not to overlook them.

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