Jacksonville, AR Truck Accident Lawyer

Jacksonville, AR Truck Accident Lawyer

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    Accidents involving trucks differ from those involving regular-sized vehicles. Due to their enormous size and weight, truck accidents can result in severe or fatal consequences.

    If you get injured in a truck accident, call for help first. Once emergency responders and police are on their way, wait for them. If you can do so safely, take photos of the scene as evidence and for insurance purposes. Finally, contact a lawyer. Evidence that might help you includes photos, witnesses, and details about the truck. Damages in truck accident cases tend to be significant, and your economic and non-economic damages might be very high. While many injured victims sue truck drivers for damages, the trucker’s employer might also be liable.

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    What to Do After Being Injured in a Jacksonville, AR Truck Accident

    If you have been in a truck accident and suffered injuries, it is crucial to act fast to protect your rights and get the compensation you deserve. Our skilled truck accident lawyers can use the information you gather to create a strong case and work towards a positive outcome. It is important to remember that even small actions can make a big difference in the outcome of your legal proceedings. Keep in mind that your case starts from the moment you are injured, and time is of the essence.

    Call the Police

    If you find yourself injured in a truck accident in Jacksonville, it is important to involve the police in the investigation. The police will collect evidence and interview all parties involved at the accident scene. Following this, the investigating officer will generate a report that details the incident. This report will contain the contact and insurance information of the responsible truck driver and their employer. Obtaining a copy of the police report is a simple process that can be done online or via mail, and we are available to help you with this procedure after we handle your case.

    Gather Evidence

    In the event of an accident, it is advisable to take photos of the scene, as well as the damage to your car and the surrounding area. These pictures can aid you in filing a claim with your insurance provider or pursuing legal action against the driver who hit you. It is also recommended that you record as many details as possible regarding what happened while it is still fresh in your mind. This includes the driver’s information, their travel origin, the cause of the accident, their speed, and whether or not they were using their phone. This way, you will not overlook any essential information when communicating with an attorney or insurance adjuster.

    Moreover, if there were any witnesses to the incident, it might be beneficial to request a statement from them about what they observed. This can help clarify what occurred and provide insight into why the accident happened, which could assist the police in conducting a comprehensive investigation into the cause of your injuries.

    Get Medical Care

    In the event of an accident, it is imperative to swiftly seek medical attention. This permits physicians to assess the degree of your injuries and decide if additional treatment is required. The documentation and professional assessments from medical professionals regarding the seriousness of your injuries are also crucial when seeking compensation in the future. Your medical records are critical in showing the harm caused by the accident.

    Speak to Our Firm

    When you have fully recovered from your injuries, do not hesitate to contact our firm for assistance with determining who is responsible for your injuries and gathering any additional information needed. Our team will collaborate with you to draft your complaint and ensure that it is filed by the deadline. We are here to help you every step of the way.

    How Our Attorneys Can Help Your Truck Accident Case in Jacksonville, AR

    If you were involved in a truck accident and suffered injuries, you might feel overwhelmed. The costs of medical bills, lost wages, and other expenses can quickly add up, amounting to tens of thousands of dollars. Moreover, the pain and suffering caused by your injuries can be distressing. Our team of lawyers specializing in truck accidents is here to support you throughout the legal process and ensure that you receive the compensation you deserve for your damages. We provide a variety of services to our clients in Jacksonville, which include the following:

    Assess Your Damages

    Determining the worth of your case after being involved in a truck accident in Jacksonville can prove to be challenging. The settlement offered by the insurance company might not adequately cover all of your losses. Our goal is to assist you in evaluating the value of your case and ensuring that you receive fair compensation. This involves assessing your current damages and considering any possible future expenses, such as surgeries or medication costs. It is also important to receive compensation for any missed work and projected loss of earnings during your recovery.

    Obtain Further Evidence

    Our firm understands the importance of obtaining evidence to support your case. This evidence might take the form of photographs of the accident scene, the vehicles involved, the damages sustained, and any injuries incurred. With this information, we can better evaluate the severity of the incident. Witness testimonies can also provide valuable evidence, as they were present during the accident. It is essential to prove that the other driver was at fault, and this can be done through police records such as incident reports, photographs taken by law enforcement officers at the scene, and any citations given.

    Our team will carefully examine the evidence gathered, including your medical records and witness statements, and will consult with medical professionals to determine the extent of your injuries. We will then determine the appropriate compensation for your case and assign fault percentages to each party if there are multiple parties involved.

    File Your Lawsuit

    When seeking compensation for non-economic damages, such as mental anguish and pain and suffering, it might be necessary to file a lawsuit in addition to submitting an insurance claim. Our team can help you create a complaint based on the evidence you have provided, which will detail the specifics of your accident and the injuries you have suffered. Once the lawsuit has been filed, the defendants and potential witnesses might be further examined to establish the truth of what happened. If a settlement cannot be reached, pursuing compensation through the courts is the primary way to receive the full range of damages to which you are entitled.

    Our Jacksonville, AR Truck Accident Lawyers Can Help

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