Johnson, AR Construction Accident & Injury Lawyer

Johnson, AR Construction Accident & Injury Lawyer

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    An experienced personal injury lawyer could help people who were hurt on the worksite in a job-related accident. Typically, a construction worker who is hurt in a workplace accident has the right to file a workers’ compensation claim. However, depending on the facts, an injured worker could have grounds to file a personal injury lawsuit against a responsible third party.

    Because many construction accidents result in severe injuries that exceed the financial losses that workers’ comp benefits cover, an injured worker needs to look to other alternatives. Our experienced lawyers have been advocating and fighting for the rights of injured construction workers for over two decades.

    Individuals who are hurt on the job deserve compensation. Our Johnson, AR construction accident and injury lawyers provide legal assistance to those seeking workers’ compensation benefits, appealing a denied benefits claim, or who need to file a personal injury lawsuit against a negligent third party. To discuss your options and the next steps, call (479) 316-0438.

    Common Construction Accidents in Johnson, Arkansas

    The construction industry is hazardous. This type of work presents a considerable risk of injury because of the nature of the work and the equipment used. While some injuries are minor, many are serious and require hospitalization, surgery, and extensive physical rehabilitation.

    Understanding how many common accidents and injuries occur helps our Johnson construction accident lawyers help our clients – whether we are working to secure a workers’ compensation claim or filing a personal injury lawsuit against a negligent third party.


    One of the more common accidents in the construction industry is falling. Construction sites consist of many levels, including ladders, scaffolding, and other equipment workers use to scale various heights. While a fall from scaffolding could result in a workers’ compensation claim, if the scaffolding was installed incorrectly or proper safety devices were not utilized, an injured worker could have a case against a party other than their employer.

    Falling Objects

    There are times when equipment or materials could fall from a great height injuring or killing those below. Our Johnson construction injury attorneys will investigate an accident to determine if an injured worker has a valid personal injury claim.

    Equipment Defect or Malfunction

    Construction workers are sometimes hurt when the equipment they use and rely on malfunctions. For example, a crane could malfunction, injuring the operator or workers around the equipment. If a tool or piece of equipment is defective, an injured worker could have a claim against the manufacturer.


    Construction workers are exposed to live wires. Without reasonable caution, a worker could be seriously injured. Improperly marked wires could present an unreasonable risk. Furthermore, cranes and other large equipment could come in contact with overhead wires. In some cases, a subcontractor could be held accountable for an electrocution accident.


    A construction site is often full of flammable chemicals and other materials. If these materials spill, an exposed wire could cause a spark, fire, or explosion. A leaking oil or gas pipe could also be dangerous. If the construction plans are incorrect or other employees failed to confirm the area was safe, an unexpected construction worker could strike a gas line.


    Construction sites have large pieces of equipment and materials throughout the area. If workers are not careful or paying attention, they could be trapped and crushed. These types of accidents often result in catastrophic injuries.

    No matter how your injured happened, our Johnson construction accident lawyers will investigate the accident to determine if another person or party could be held liable.

    Workers’ Compensation is Not Always Enough For an Injured Johnson Construction Worker

    When a worker is hurt on the job, the first and often only option is filing a workers’ compensation claim. Actually, under Arkansas law, an injured employee is prohibited from filing a lawsuit against their employer. In some ways, this is helpful. An injured worker is not required to demonstrate that another party was negligent to receive monetary compensation. Another benefit is that the injured worker will typically receive their compensation relatively quickly. However, workers’ compensation is limited to medical costs and a percentage of lost wages. In many cases, this is not sufficient to compensate an injured worker for all their damages.

    An injured worker is entitled to file a personal injury claim if their injury was caused by someone other than their employer. Through a personal injury claim, an accident victim could seek additional compensation that is not available through a workers’ compensation claim, including pain, suffering, and full lost wages. However, unlike a workers’ comp claim, an injured worker will have to prove that another party’s negligence caused their injury. For example, many people are required to travel to different offices for their job. If a drunk or reckless driver struck their vehicle, they could have a claim against the at-fault driver. Other potential third parties include subcontractors, employees from other companies, and equipment manufacturers.

    It is important to remember that you could still file a workers’ compensation claim while pursuing a personal injury claim. If you think you have a personal injury case, contact our Johnson construction accident injury lawyers.

    Johnson, AR Construction Accident and Injury Lawyers Working for Injured Employees

    Construction workers in Johnson work hard to provide for themselves and their families while providing an important service. This type of work is dangerous. Injured workers could fall back on workers’ compensation. However, workers’ comp might not provide all the financial benefits an injured worker needs. Our Johnson, AR construction accident and injury lawyers will investigate your accident to see if you have a personal injury claim against a responsible third party. Call (479) 316-0438to review your case.