Johnson, AR Truck Accident Lawyer

Johnson, AR Truck Accident Lawyer

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    Victims in large commercial truck accidents will often suffer life-altering injuries. Even those fortunate ones who recover physically will still experience the emotional distress and financial losses associated with a collision with a large rig. The mental anguish and horror could last a lifetime. For those who never physically recover, the pain might never end.

    If you were hurt in a truck accident, you should not just be a statistic. Our Johnson, AR truck accident lawyers understand the impact a devastating injury has on the life of a caregiver, a mother, a father, and a provider. When an accident is not your fault, you need an experienced attorney fighting for your rights and just compensation. While money will not take away the harm you endured, it could help you move forward.

    Catastrophic truck accidents impact individuals physically, mentally, and financially. You deserve to be compensated if you were hurt through no fault of your own. However, truck accident cases are complex and challenging. Trucking companies have teams of lawyers fighting for them. You need a team of lawyers in your corner. Call (479) 316-0438 to start building your case.

    Common Causes of Truck Accidents in Johnson, AR

    Accident cases involving larger commercial trucks are complicated. In many cases, more than one party could be held liable for your injuries. These potential defendants include the truck driver, the trucking company, the company that loaded the truck, the vehicle’s manufacturer, and other drivers on the road. Often, the cause of the accident will give our Johnson truck accident lawyers a direction to pursue.

    Driver Error

    Many truck accidents are the result of operator error or mistake. Even though a truck driver has to pass multiple tests and obtain several certifications to drive legally, they are not perfect drivers. They make mistakes like other motorists. Unfortunately, because of the size of their vehicle, their mistakes are more likely to lead to devastating accidents and injuries.

    Negligent Driving

    Errors occur. However, sometimes truck drivers make conscious decisions that endanger other drivers. For example, when a truck driver operates their vehicle while drunk, distracted, or tired, they present an unreasonable risk to all other motorists on the road. A truck driver who is speeding, tailgating, or ignoring the rules of the road endangers the lives of others around them.

    Inadequate Training

    Driving a large commercial rig is not an easy task. Drivers must undergo rigorous training before they can safely operate their vehicles. If a trucking company puts an inexperienced and untrained driver on the road, it could be held liable if an accident occurs. Furthermore, trucking companies should perform background checks on their drivers to ensure they have clean driving records and no history of drug or alcohol abuse.

    Malfunctioning or Defective Truck Parts

    There are times when a truck driver is not responsible for an accident. Trucks are complicated machines and a malfunction or failing system could result in a loss of control. For example, if a truck’s brakes fail, the driver might not be able to avoid a catastrophic collision. When a part is defective or has a design flaw, the manufacturer could be held liable. However, if the failure results from poor or a lack of maintenance, the trucking company could be responsible.

    Overloaded or Unbalanced Cargo

    For a truck to travel safely, it must be properly loaded. If there is too much cargo or the load is unbalanced or unsecured, it could shift and the driver could lose control or cause the trailer to tip. When a truck is overloaded, it will be harder to maneuver. While a truck driver is responsible for inspecting their cargo, the company that loaded the truck could also share some responsibility.

    Investigating Your Johnson, AR Truck Accident

    Truck accident cases present many challenges. Our Johnson truck accident lawyers understand that it is important to begin investigating the crash as soon as possible.

    After an accident involving a commercial truck, it is crucial to gather evidence. Our office will work with law enforcement, accident reconstruction engineers, witnesses, and other experts to help determine what occurred. Additionally, we will examine the accident scene for evidence such as skid marks or defects in the roadway.

    We will thoroughly investigate the trucking company to determine if any industry regulations were violated, if the vehicle was properly inspected and maintained, and if the driver complied with working hour guidelines. Part of this process includes sending written requests to the trucking company to preserve evidence.

    Our office will employ engineers to examine the vehicles themselves, taking photographs of the specific damage from all angles. This will allow our investigators to determine the speed and angle of collision.

    We will question witnesses who saw the accident. Testimony from uninterested parties holds more weight than statements from those involved in the crash. It is important to talk with every witness, even those whose testimony does not corroborate your recollection of events. Preparing a personal injury case includes preparing for evidence that works against you.

    We will also work closely with your medical providers to document your injuries and treatments. To hold a truck driver or company liable, our Johnson truck accident lawyers will have to connect your injuries to the crash. This evidence is also crucial in determining your potential damages.

    Contact Our Experienced Johnson, AR Truck Accident Lawyers to Review Your Case

    Truck accident cases require a law firm with the resources and experience to go up against a team of insurance company defense lawyers. Our Johnson, AR truck accident lawyers understand the challenges involved in contested and complex litigation. We also know that truck accident victims must fight for the compensation they deserve. To discuss your legal rights, call (479) 316-0438.