Johnson, AR Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Johnson, AR Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

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    Motorcycle riders only account for a small percentage of traffic in Johnson. However, the risk of serious or fatal injuries for riders is drastically higher than for passengers or drivers in other vehicles. This underscores the risk motorcyclists take every time they hop on their bikes.

    Because of the severity of these injuries, victims of motorcycle accidents are often entitled to significant compensation. The damages available to an injured rider or the family of someone killed include medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and funeral and burial costs.

    In a motorcycle accident case, the stakes are typically high. One of the worst mistakes a victim could make is to hire an attorney who treats a motorcycle accident case like an ordinary car crash. Our experienced Johnson, AR motorcycle accident lawyers are familiar with the challenges facing injured riders. Call (479) 316-0438 to see how our law offices can help you face these difficulties.

    Johnson, AR Motorcycle Accidents Frequently Result in Serious or Fatal Injuries

    Car accidents are common on Johnson, AR roads and highways. However, in many cases, a car crash victim will only suffer minor or less than serious injuries. Attorneys handling these cases understand what insurance companies are willing to pay and usually negotiate a fair settlement without going to court.

    However, motorcycle accidents frequently result in severe or fatal injuries to riders. It is not uncommon for a catastrophic injury to have life-altering repercussions. In addition to the severity of the initial injuries, riders often have significantly longer recovery times, including expensive medical care including physical or occupational therapy. You need an attorney who understands the full scope and impact of a traumatic injury.

    Our Johnson, AR motorcycle injury lawyers have decades of experience calculating and illustrating the impact of a serious injury. The burden rests on the rider and their legal representation to prove the full extent of the injuries they suffered.

    More extensive injuries require working closely with medical experts who could testify to the physical trauma the motorcyclist suffered, including the type and length of medical care necessary. In most cases, insurance companies will attempt to dispute these damages, especially intangible costs such as pain and suffering.

    Johnson, AR Motorcycle Accidents and Insurance Companies

    Part of the process after any accident is working with insurance companies. Insurance companies are corporations focused on profits, not providing compensation to injured accident victims. For motorcyclists, an insurance company could be one of the greatest hindrances to receiving much-needed financial compensation.

    An insurance adjuster is not on your side – they are using all the leverage and experience at their disposal to limit their company’s liability. An adjuster will likely challenge every aspect of your case, including liability. It is not unusual for an insurer to offer an unrepresented rider a lowball offer to quickly settle a case. Our Johnson, AR motorcycle accident lawyers have been going head-to-head with insurance providers for years and understand the tactics they employ to reduce their responsibility.

    Liability and Fault for a Johnson, AR Motorcycle Accident

    To prevail in an accident case, the injured victim must demonstrate that another party was legally liable for their injuries and damages. Unfortunately, the negative stereotypes that are often applied to motorcyclists complicate the task of proving negligence and liability.

    Other drivers, insurance companies and defense attorneys will usually use these stereotypes to try any dispute or shift liability. For example, a defense attorney could allege that an injured cyclist was riding recklessly, improperly changing lanes, or speeding at the time of the crash. By shifting blame, an insurance company could reduce or eliminate its financial liability. Our Johnson, AR motorcycle accident lawyers have fought these types of allegations for decades.

    Insufficient Evidence from the Scene of a Motorcycle Accident in Johnson, AR

    The accident scene often yields vital evidence and clues to determine how a crash occurred. Often, a car accident victim will be able to take photographs or talk to witnesses. However, due to the devastating injuries often resulting from a motorcycle crash, the injured rider is unable to collect this valuable information. This lack of documentation and evidence could complicate an already challenging case.

    This is one of the main reasons you want to immediately contact our Johnson, AR motorcycle accident injury lawyers. The sooner our office can get a team out to investigate the scene, the more likely crucial evidence is preserved.

    Juries in Johnson Motorcycle Accident Cases

    Many injury cases settle without the need for a trial. However, especially in some motorcycle accident cases, an insurance company might not be willing to offer a fair settlement. Therefore, it might become necessary to proceed to trial to receive just compensation for you and your family.

    Unfortunately, those negative stereotypes discussed above are also often held by jury members. Because many cyclists are thought to operate their bikes unsafely, this prejudice could influence the outcome of your case. Again, this is why you do not want an attorney who treats a motorcycle case the same way they would try an ordinary car accident case. Our Johnson, AR motorcycle accident lawyers have years of experience overcoming their prejudices by presenting a convincing and clear case. Part of this is not only ensuring the jury understands how the accident occurred but also educating them on the proper and safe operation of a motorcycle.

    Johnson, AR Motorcycle Accident Lawyers Advocating For Injured Riders

    A motorcycle accident case is different from a car crash case. You need a lawyer who understands the unique challenges and difficulties of fighting for an injured rider. Our Johnson, AR motorcycle accident lawyers bring decades of experience to the table – whether litigating your case or negotiating with a stubborn insurance adjuster. Call (479) 316-0438 to get that experience on your side.